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IBM and Amazon Web Services, Better Together

IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working together as partners to help clients as they transform to AWS Cloud . Together we can help customers in their cloud journey with unmatched skills,…

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Transform Risk Efficiency with Enhanced User Experience

Drive GRC adoption for all three lines of the business with a modern, task-focused user interface (UI) to complete tasks and support real-time, risk-aware decision-making to unlock business value. …

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Choosing the right MFRTYPMDL

This video will show navigate this document and select the appropriate Manufacturer Type and Model (MFRTYPMDL) setting for your printer.

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Using Transform Services to create PDFs instead of Spooled Files

This video shows how to use Transform Services to create PDF files instead of Spooled Files.

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Ray Wang and IBM’s Nate Dotson talk hybrid cloud on IBM z15

Integrate the new IBM z15 with your hybrid multicloud. You’ll spur innovation and growth by creating a more secure, resilient and efficient hybrid multicloud for mission-critical workloads. …

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Ross Mauri and Ray Wang discuss IBM z15 in the hybrid cloud world

Businesses are transforming and counting on hybrid multicloud to take them into the future. The new IBM z15 is built for today’s cloud world. The new system is designed for the highest data…

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IBM and Box: Expanding Your Infrastructure To The Cloud

Collaboration with groups outside of your company is critical to your success, but how do you securely share and work with documents outside your firewall? IBM and Box transform work in the cloud…

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Michigan State University uses IBM analytics to enable smarter fundraising

Michigan State University needed to find a smarter way to work with their Alumni and potential donors to gain insight into targeted opportunities. Watch how they enabled smarter fundraising and read…

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Transform language none

DataPower firmware release 7.5.0 adds a new option for transform language to be None or Identity. This presentation is also available in PDF: DP-750-TransformLanguage_none_.pdf

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