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Let’s create AI that transforms business with watsonx

People are excited about what AI will do for them. We’re excited about what AI will do for business. Introducing watsonx: a platform designed to multiply output by tailoring AI to your needs.…

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FYI - For Your Ideas Sizzle

For Your Ideas (FYI), anew human-centered productivity platform explicitly designed for creatives. Running on IBM Cloud, the application is engineered to inspire and empower artists, creators,and…

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Choosing the right MFRTYPMDL

This video will show navigate this document and select the appropriate Manufacturer Type and Model (MFRTYPMDL) setting for your printer.

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Using Transform Services to create PDFs instead of Spooled Files

This video shows how to use Transform Services to create PDF files instead of Spooled Files.

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Transform language none

DataPower firmware release 7.5.0 adds a new option for transform language to be None or Identity. This presentation is also available in PDF: DP-750-TransformLanguage_none_.pdf

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