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The Weather Company Conversations

The Weather Company Conversations is an interactive solution that helps facilitate personalized AI conversations with consumers virtually anywhere online.

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P-TECH Presents- A Day in the Life of a Marketing & Social Media Professional

In this session, learn the essentials of strategic and meaningful content creation and how you can start your communications and marketing journey today!

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IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator for Display & Video

IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator is a better way forward for dynamic creative optimization. We move beyond contextual relevance to optimize display and video creative based on real-time consumer…

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The Future of AI is here

The explosion of available data and the challenges of harnessing it often make the truth about relationships between brands and consumers seem further away than ever. IBM Watson Advertising asked…

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Wunderman Thompson + IMB : améliorer l’apprentissage profond grâce aux données et à l’IA

Le géant de la publicité, Wunderman Thompson, explique comment il utilise le Machine Learning pour mieux connaître les comportements humains…

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Wunderman Thompson und IBM: Besseres maschinelles Lernen mit Daten und KI

Daten haben die Kapitalrendite für die Kunden verbessert, die eine skalierbare, effiziente ML-Pipeline verwenden, um umfangreiche Vorhersagen zu steuern.

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Wunderman Thompson + IBM: elevazione del machine learning con dati e AI

I dati hanno aumentato il ROI dei clienti, grazie a una pipeline ML scalabile ed efficiente in grado di portare a previsioni di volume elevato.

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Wunderman Thompson + IBM: potenciación del Machine Learning con IA y datos

Rentabilidad de la inversión aumentada con datos para sus clientes que utiliza una canalización ML eficiente y escalable para dirigir predicciones…

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Wunderman Thompson: 데이터 및 AI로 머신 러닝 수준 향상

광고 대기업 Wunderman Thompson은 고객의 ROI를 높이는 최상의 통찰력을 확보하기 위해 머신 러닝을 활용했습니다. IBM Watson Studio와 오픈 소스 도구의 조합을 사용하면, 일상적인 오퍼레이션 시간을 최소화하고, 통찰력 발견 및 가설 도출에 더 많은 시간을 투자할 수 있습니다. Wunderman Thompson의 데이터 및 AI…

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Wunderman Thompson + IBM: Elevating Machine Learning with Data and AI

Advertising giant Wunderman Thompson describes how it uses machine learning for better discovery of human insights—insights that help increase ROI for its clients. Learn how the company and its…

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Jason Kolinsky - Storytelling for Tech Professionals

Jason Kolinsky is the first Chief Marketing Officer for Save the Cat!, the best-selling portfolio of books on storytelling, commonly referred to as the "bible of storytelling" for…

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How is blockchain going to improve the digital advertising supply chain

The biggest problem in digital ad tech today is the lack of transparency. Blockchain can fix it. Learn more:

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Centiment: Enhancing a Brand's Emotional Intelligence with AI + Neurodata

Centiment helps marketers and advertisers use emotional and artificial intelligence to better understand how to position a brand. "We’ve combined our own neurodata sentiment tools with…

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