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ELM: Multi-tier supplier ecosystem

Collaboration, decision, and variant control must be managed in the midst of ever-expanding system-of-systems design and supplier ecosystems. The ELM solution provides a strong collaboration and…

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Trust Your Supplier - Supply Chain on the Blockchain Video

The Trust Your Supplier network is a cross-industry source of supplier information and identity helping to simplify and accelerate the onboarding and lifecycle management process. Trust Your Supplier…

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Z_8 Summary C.mp4

After Assessment Release, use the Supplier Approval data screen to assess Suppliers against Requirements.

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Z_5 Finish Qnn Maribel C.mp4

Aspiring Supplier completes Assessment Questionnaire.

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Z_7 Comment on Attachments C.mp4

A way to score Attachments submitted with the Assessment Questionnaire.

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Z_6 Release Aspirant Qnn C.mp4

Releaser assesses two chapters, one objectively and one subjectively, to determine whether to release applicant.

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Z_2 Assessment Template C.mp4

Review the creation of our Standard Assessment.

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Z_3 Create Requirements C.mp4

Create Requirements for the Questionnaire in our Standard Assessment.

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Z_4 Supplier Approval Manage Assessment C.mp4

Create a Standard Approval Process and Initiate and Manage a Standard Assessment.

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Z_1 Type Qnn C.mp4

Review the Type and Questionnaire we will use in our Standard Assessment.

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23 Review Qnn C.mp4

Review Questionnaire Returned from External User, including Scores Achieved and Attachments.

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22 External User Responds Qnn C.mp4

External User (potential Supplier) Logs into SLM, responds to Questionnaire, Sends back to Buyer.

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21 Create Type Qnn Template C.mp4

Create a Type, Questionnaire and Assessment Template to Facilitate Question Testing.

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20 Create Prefill Q C.mp4

Create a Character Question with Prefill from the Supplier Master Data.

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18 Yes No Companion Q C.mp4

Create an Attachment Question with Scoring that is Dependent on A Yes/No Question.

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19 Create Complex Q C.mp4

Create a Complex Question Answer Type, then Employ it in a Question with Scoring.

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