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Welcome to IBM Garage

IBM Garage is a collaborative end-to-end engagement model for generating innovative ideas and the practices, expertise and technologies to make them real. This video highlights how companies can…

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Spotlight on: How is AI changing customer experience?

The customer experience market is expected to be worth $641 billion by 2022, and investing in better experience initiatives has the potential to double your revenue in just 36 months. How are you…

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Harness the power of your core business apps

Are your business systems holding you back? The data from your core business applications is an ocean of deep insights that when harnessed, should better connect your organization and enhance…

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Talent & Transformation Services: Enable your workforce for resiliency

Enhance employee engagement and productivity, reskill your workforce faster, and reimagine ways of working to enable your workforce for resiliency with IBM Talent & Transformation.

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The Climate Service + IBM Garage: Weathering Disruption to Deliver Results

The Climate Service (TCS) is on a mission to integrate climate data into financial decision making. TCS partnered with IBM Garage to rapidly scale their business to meet growing demand. Watch how the…

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IBM Works from Home

99% of IBM's delivery workforce is now working from home, and we haven't missed a beat. Our commitment to our clients stands, no matter what.

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