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AusNet Services in partnership with IBM and SAP.

AusNet Services amps up its human resources operations with IBM and SAP.

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AI Unleashed: Elevate customer service to new horizons

Uncover AI's potential to revolutionize customer care and improve customer satisfaction. Discover the transformative potential of AI-driven customer service strategies reshaping customer…

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IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising: Accurate Delivery Dates

Brief summary of IBM Sterling Intelligent Promising capabilities for accurate delivery estimates

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Delivering Exceptional Customer Experience Through Unbounded Analytics

All organizations have been in some phase of digital transformation or working on becoming more agile. With today’s new realities, many of these initiatives have been kicked into high-gear.…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Integrations

For a virtual assistant to reach its full potential and deliver personalized and effective experiences, it needs to be capable of integrating with just about anything, from digital channels to…

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IBM Instana Digital Experience

Elevate your Digital Experience, Learn as we unveil the remarkable capabilities of IBM Instana in optimizing your digital experience. Discover how this cutting-edge platform revolutionizes…

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Operationalizing CX personalization

Pierre Charchaflian, Vice President and Senior Partner in IBM Consulting, discusses how to best operationalize personalization of customer experience across an organization, at scale. For more, read…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Call Center Modernization

With watsonx Assistant you can make your AI virtual assistant available over the phone and guide callers through actions with the same sophistication as in chat. This will dramatically reduce call…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Customer Experience

Customers don’t like digging for information and don’t want to be put on hold to get simple answers – they expect an immediate connection and quick resolutions to their problems.…

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Let's rethink customer service

If you designed your customer service experience for a new company, what would you automate to make it better? Find out in this expert video.

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Témoignage Pernod Ricard - L’IA, nouveau bras armé de la performance en entreprise

En 2021, le groupe Pernod Ricard dévoilait les contours de sa transformation ambitieuse autour de la data. Analyse de cette nouvelle trajectoire avec Pierre-Yves Calloc’h et David…

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A Product Mindset - Dialexa, an IBM Company

Scott Harper, Co-Founder and CEO of Dialexa, an IBM Company, shares how they help companies deliver great business outcomes with innovative digital products.

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Témoignage Stellantis - « Nous voulons devenir la première mobility tech company »

Mise à mal pendant la crise sanitaire, l’industrie automobile a vu certains acteurs réussir à relever brillamment le défi de la diversifi cation. C’est le cas…

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QRadar SOAR: Playbooks Overview

In this demo, we'll learn how Isaac, a security analyst for a small financial services firm, leverages the power of QRadar SOAR Playbooks to automate both manual and repetitive tasks, allowing…

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QRadar SOAR: Case Overview

In this demo, we'll learn how Isaac, a security analyst for a small financial services firm, leverages the unified analyst experience in QRadar SOAR. This demo will provide an overview of the…

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) on IBM Cloud for Financial Services

IBM and Adobe have expanded their partnership to solve one of the biggest problems of marketing to customers in regulated industries, a sector previously hindered by strict data and privacy…

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