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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson 财务规划和分析(FP&A )演示

观看此演示,了解您的财务团队如何通过动态的 FP&A 解决方案提高速度、协作和敏捷性。 为了确保您准备好实时作出反应,您需要能够综合所有数据源的信息,发现趋势,并以超越以往的速度交付洞察。了解更多:

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Financial Planning and Analysis with IBM Planning Analytics

It's critical to be able to react in real time. With IBM Planning Analytics, you can. Watch this demo to learn how your finance team can boost speed, collaboration and agility with…

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Fleetpride & Cresco International transform supply chain management with IBM analytics

If a farmer’s tractor breaks down during harvest or a courier’s van has engine issues, they can’t afford to wait long for spare parts to arrive—they’ve got a job to …

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athenahealth automates reporting and optimizes operations using IBM Analytics

Automated reporting with IBM Analytics solutions helps athenahealth deliver timely, accurate and comprehensive insight into business performance, enabling them to drive improvements to customer…

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Paga Todo uses IBM Analytics to predict potential risks and mitigate them in advance

Paga Todo faced a challenge as there was a lot of data but no sufficient information. By using IBM Analytics, Paga Todo is able to predict potential risks and mitigate them in advance. Read more:…

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Jabil Circuit implements an analytics solution using IBM Analytics to reduce monthly close time

Erin Hauswirth, Data Scientist, Jabil Circuit talks about the transformation analytics has played for this leading global manufacturer. Read more: Erin Hauswirth explains…

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Answers in Analytics: LazyDays RV improves customer experience and manages inventory with Analytics

Randy Lay, CFO and Vice President of Lazydays RV discusses the use of analytics to manage inventory and focus on marketing. Read more: Randy Lay, explains" We certainly…

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Answers in Analytics: Mueller Incorporated improves customer experience with IBM Analytics

Mark Lack, Manager of Strategy Analytics and Business Intelligence at Mueller Inc discusses the use of Analytics to transform his company into a leader in their industry. Read More:…

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Penn Mutual Life Insurance, improves user experience for customers with IBM Analytics

Ed Chhay, Financial Operations Manager, Penn Mutual Life Insurance, explains how they utilize IBM Cognos TM1 as a dependable data reporting tool to improve user experience for its customers.

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BATS utilizes IBM Cognos TM1 to optimize forecasting processes

BATS faced a need to be more efficient. They used IBM Cognos TM to sync forecasting data across multiple offices while increasing efficiencies. BATS also saw quality improvement of risk analysis data…

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Beiersdorf created a global IT environment using analytics solutions from IBM

Beiersdorf AG, a German personal care company based in Hamburg, manufacturing personal care products leverages IBM analytics solution to create a global IT environment that supports over 90 companies…

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IBM Cognos helps Metlife increase customer satisfaction

MetLife, a leading provider of insurance, annuities and employee benefit programs implements IBM Cognos and improved their operational accuracy and hence increasing customer satisfaction. Read More:…

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AIG makes better decisions using IBM Cognos TM1 and Cognos Disclosure Management

AIG faced a challenge with the computing product that gathered data. They replaced the earlier application by implementing Cognos TM1 to collect the data. With the IBM Solutions, AIG enables their…

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Vaasan Oy uses IBM Analytics to analyze social media and customer behavior

Vaasan Oy, one of the leading bakery operators in Northern Europe, gains greater visibility into its data to help make better decisions. Read more: Jonas Hagner, Group IT…

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Answers in Analytics: Ryerson improves operational performance

Ryerson, a North American metals distributor wanted one platform to understand all parts of the organization in a single view. Read More: Russ Jewett, Director of Financial…

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Convergys implements IBM Cognos TM1 to improve capacity planning and sales forecasting services

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