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Watson Health: Bridging the Gap to a Smarter Health System

IBM Watson Health can deliver the insights hospitals and health systems need to succeed in a rapidly evolving healthcare environment. Bridge the gap to a smarter health system with healthcare…

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IBM Watson Care Manager

Care managers have a heavy workload making them responsible for dozens of simultaneous individual’s care plans. IBM Watson Care Manager combines cognitive computing with care management best…

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IBM Healthcare Cost & Care Insights Product Demo

IBM Healthcare Cost & Care Insights provides healthcare professionals with transparency into their financial, operational, clinical quality and patient satisfaction performance in a single…

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Identifying the Right Patients and Saving Valuable Time

Rob Zimmerman, MD, Assistant Medical Director at Excela Health Medical Group shares how Excela uses IBM Watson Health tools to identify and contact patients with care gaps, and the success they have…

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Managing Transitions of Care - Utica Park Clinic

Utica Park Clinic improves transitions of care with automated services using Phytel

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Micromedex - Cutting Through the Clutter

For nearly 50 years, IBM Micromedex® solutions have long been a source of evidence-based medical information for clinicians worldwide. Today, Micromedex has been enhanced with the AI of IBM…

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IBM Return-to-Workplace Advisor Demo Video

Learn how IBM Return-to-Workplace Advisor helps you supporting workforce health and readiness initiatives for COVID-19. The solution includes a command center analytics application that is designed…

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Finding Efficiences and Reducin the No Show Rate

Lois Till-Tarara, Vice President of Clinical Operations at Olmsted Medical Center discusses the results she's seen using IBM Phytel Outreach and IBM Phytel Remind. These Watson Health solutions…

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Informed Decision Support with IBM Watson Health

Let IBM Watson Health help you make more informed, evidence-based decisions.

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IBM Micromedex: The Artificial intelligence of Watson

Put the power of AI to work. We've added the power of artificial intelligence to our robust clinical decision support tool designed to transform how you find answers and help you accelerate…

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Arvind Anthem short version

Arvind Krishna interviews Anthem Health's Rajeev Ronanki in "The new essential technologies for business" at Think 2020

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LS Journey Videos

This video frames the challenges and pain points that our audience faces as it relates to taking on tasks that fall outside their area of expertise. It will talk about the value of working with IBM…

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Price Transparency Webinar - Video

Watson Heath healthcare provider featuring Betsy Block and Jim Haulihan discussing the planning steps you should be taking now. Explore strategies to effectively manage responses and avoid a race to…

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NYC Dept of Social Services & IBM Watson Health partnered to transform access to social services

Universal Access from IBM Watson Health provides citizen-centric digital services that connects New Yorkers to programs to help them thrive. Hear from New York City Department of Social Services…

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Watson Health HHS Social Program Management: Citizen Engagement and Emergency Assistance

As people around the world are faced with the COVID-19 pandemic, current government infrastructure cannot meet the unprecedented benefit applications being submitted as systems are being overloaded.…

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Watson Care Manager: Community Connections and Care Management during COVID-19

Care begins by understanding the citizen. Watson Care Manager Offering Manager Liz Schnitter brings listeners though today's community needs and offers a phased approach for local governments…

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