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IBM Visual Insights and IBM Spectrum Discover_ Automation with Computer Vision (Covid-19 Use Case)

Governments and businesses worldwide are turning to AI to help mitigate the impact of disruption. For example, computer vision is being used in combination with infrared sensors to scan…

From  1200007VU3 1200007VU3 on January 19th, 2021

Leverage AI Recommendation Models for Insurance Claims with Watson AI

This video shows how IBM Case Manager can leverage AI recommendation models to check the validity of insurance claims using Watson Machine Learning, Watson Visual Recognition, and Watson OpenScale. …

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参考资源:Code Pattern【优化视觉识别分类】

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Sign up for Watson Studio and Watson Knowledge Catalog: Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

This video shows you how to sign up for an IBM Watson including an IBM Cloud account, then provision the IBM Watson Studio and IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog applications to use in IBM Watson.…

From  31000063M3 31000063M3 on February 3rd, 2020

使用 Watson Visual Recognition 服务创建基于 Android 的卡路里计数移动应用

了解如何使用 Watson Visual Recognition 服务构建一款可以捕捉和分析食物图像并提取所分析食物营养信息的移动应用。

From  550002EQVV 550002EQVV on March 28th, 2019

IBM Watson Studio: 开始使用视觉识别

此视频向您展示如何在 Watson Studio 中创建项目以使用 Watson Visual Recognition 服务。

From  550002EQVV 550002EQVV on March 27th, 2019

Kilroy Blockchain: Helping secure data truth and authenticity with Blockchain and AI

Kilroy Blockchain uses AI and Blockchain technologies from IBM to create applications crucial to daily use cases. Riley, is an application that helps the blind and the visually impaired to navigate…

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Visual Recognition GUI tool for building custom image classifiers

Training Watson to see specialized images for your industry just got a whole lot easier. And Watson Visual Recognition just keeps getting smarter. Take advantage of color recognition and higher…

From  310000UWKY 310000UWKY on June 13th, 2018 infuses drones with IBM Watson technology to improve crop quality

Combining IBM Watson technology with drones bearing high-resolution cameras, IBM Business Partner developed an award-winning solution that can proactively monitor the health of crops and…

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