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Load and Commit EP11 Master Keys

This video shows you load and commit the EP11 Master Wrapping key.

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Creating EP11 Master Key Parts

This video shows you how to create EP11 Master Wrapping key parts and backup EP11 smart card data.

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Setup EP11 HSM and Domain Management Policies

This video shows you how to use the EP11 Setup Module Policy and EP11 Setup Domain Policy wizards to define EP11 administrators and to take EP11 HSMs and domain out of imprint mode. This must be done…

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Create and Open Trusted Key Entry (TKE) EP11 Domain Group

This video shows you how to create EP11 domain groups. These are collections of HSMs and domains that will have the same administrative settings. From a domain group, every HSM-wide command is sent…

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Create Trusted Key Entry (TKE) Host Definition

This video shows you how to create host definition objects. These are used to access the LPARs or Systems that are running the TKE host transaction program. You open a host to access the IBM Z and…

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Create TKE workstation Profiles Using the TKE Workstation Logon Profile Wizard

This video shows you how to create the profiles you need to access your TKE workstation. These profiles are used when you open TKE applications and utilities.

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Using Trusted Key Entry (TKE) to Initialize Smart Cards for TKE Workstation and EP11 Hardware Security Module (HSM) Management

This video shows you how to initialize all the smart card you will need to access your TKE workstation and manage EP11 Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and domains.

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Trusted Key Entry (TKE) EP11 Playlist Introduction

Trusted Key Entry (TKE) is a feature of IBM Z and LinuxONE that is used to configure IBM Z and LinuxONE Hardware Security Modules (HSMS). This video introduces you to an 8-video series that shows you…

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Trusted Key Entry: The Blue Smart Card, Part Number 00RY790

This Trusted Key Entry video provides information about the smart card part 00RY790, which is commonly called "the blue smart card." It provides an overview of its new capabilities and…

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