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What challenges do organizations face in achieving end-to-end data resilience across workloads?

Watch this 1 minute video from Tan Long, Advisory Storage Technical Specialist, IBMASEAN, to learn what challenges that organizations face to achieve end-to-end dataresilience.

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Excerpt from theCube interview with Ram Parasuraman – Beyond Firewalls

Watch this excerpt from the interview with Ram Parasuraman, Executive Director IBM Storage Defender, where he discusses how data resilience is shifting toward fully autonomous threat detection,…

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theCube interview with Ram Parasuraman – Beyond Firewalls

Data protection used to mean making backup tapes in case a hardware failure disabled one of your production hard disk drives. Today organizations must contend with AI-based ransomware and…

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theCube interview with Del Hoobler – Beyond Firewalls

In this video we take a practical approach to getting started on your cyber defense strategy. If you don’t do anything else, what should you do? What resources and frameworks should you follow?…

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What is IBM Storage Defender? - 12052023

IBM has been in the forefront of data protection and disaster recovery for decades and has developed many innovative products, solutions and services that help clients overcome the obstacles to…

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