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theCube interview with Del Hoobler – Beyond Firewalls

In this video we take a practical approach to getting started on your cyber defense strategy. If you don’t do anything else, what should you do? What resources and frameworks should you follow?…

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Is Your Business Resilient? Time to Build your Cyber Resilience Strategy.

With the average cost of a cybercrime rising to $4.24 million and recovery spanning from days to weeks, cybercrimes continue to be a major concern for organizations the world over. Even with the best…

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Is your business resilient? Time to build you cyber resilience strategy.

This webinar, brought to you by ETCIO SEA and IBM will deep dive into how organisations can understand the current data resilience of their organisations and how to minimise business exposure from a…

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What is Computational Storage?

Are we reaching the limits of computation? Looking for a way to streamline administration and operational complexity across on-premises, hybrid cloud, virtualized and containerized…

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使用 IBM QRadar 與 IBM FlashSystem 的 Safeguarded Copy 實現網路彈性與備援力

使用 Spectrum Virtualize 來展現 IBM FlashSystem 陣列上的 SafeGuarded Copy 與 IBM QRadar 出色網路彈性。本影片展現了 QRadar 如何立即阻止即將到來的網路攻擊,並使用 Safeguarded Copy 創建不可變的高效快照來保護 FlashSystem 中的珍貴資料與資產。

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IBM + Nissay success story

Nissay IT leverages IBM Resiliency Orchestration for its customers to strengthen recovery measures

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IBM Services Breakthrough Partnerships : Bank Mandiri

Organizations have to act today to be ready for the cyber threats of tomorrow by adopting a holistic cyber security framework. Bank Mandiri and IBM Services implemented a holistic cyber resilience…

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