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RCS Global leverages IBM Blockchain to change the game for responsible sourcing

RCS Global, a leader in data-driven responsible sourcing, teamed up with IBM to create the Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network. The IBM Blockchain platform provides the foundation for a network…

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RFP 8 Buyer Reviews Items Envelope and Bids.mp4

This video depicts the Buyer reviewing the Items Envelope and the Bids contained therein.

From  Michael Archdeacon

Z_Japanese RA Bidding Rules.mp4

This video depicts the initiation of a Japanese Reverse Auction, including Bidding Rules, and describes how such an auction works.

From  CorpMkt-EiC-JD

RFP 7 Buyer Score Sections w Qs and Attachments.mp4

This video depicts a Buyer reviewing and scoring the Sections with Qs of a closed RFP. It includes discussion of accessing Attachments.

From  Michael Archdeacon

RFP 6 SupplierView Open RFP.mp4

This video depicts a real-time Supplier experience as she submits a message, responds to Qs, Bids on Items and cancels a bid.

From  Michael Archdeacon

RFP 5 Qs Single and Multi Selection Weighting.mp4

This video teaches to create both Single and Multi Selection Questions, reviews the Weighting screen and Opens the RFP.

From  Michael Archdeacon

RFP 1 BiddingRules Setup Recap.mp4

Explains RFP video series, reviews Wizard screens used for set-up and explains Bidding Rules. Downloads available at Playlist and video descriptions.

From  Michael Archdeacon

RFP 3 Qs Integer YN and Table.mp4

This video creates 3 new Qs, an Integer, a YN and a Table.

From  Michael Archdeacon

RFP 2 Qs Multi and Single Line and YN.mp4

This video creates a Section and three Qs: multi-line, single-line and yes/no.

From  Michael Archdeacon

RFP 4 Edit Q Add Attachment.mp4

This video teaches to Edit a Saved Q and add a Buyer Attachment to a Q.

From  Michael Archdeacon

10 Staggered Auction Supplier C.mp4

This longish video portrays a live, start-to-finish, staggered auction from the POV of one Suppliers.

From  Michael Archdeacon

11 Staggered Auction Buyer Screens C.mp4

This video examines the screens that are available to the Buyer both during and after an Auction.

From  Michael Archdeacon

08 Clone an Auction C.mp4

This video shows Buyers how to Clone an existing auction, carrying forward things like Bidding Rules, Lots, Items, Participants, etc.

From  Michael Archdeacon

09 Staggered Auction 1 Buyer C.mp4

This video demonstrates a Buyer editing a Cloned Auction to set up a Staggered Auction, which he then Opens.

From  Michael Archdeacon

05 Create Lots Items C.mp4

This video demonstrates the creation of Lots and Items.

From  Michael Archdeacon

07 Bidding Rules C.mp4

This video demonstrates how to establish Bidding Rules. It references the Annotation File.

From  Michael Archdeacon