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IBM Consulting Advantage for Finance: Source to pay assistant

Source to Pay Assistant - part of the IBM Consulting Advantage for Finance platform – reduces help desk tickets and makes it easier for suppliers, buyers and their employees to stay in…

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Should You Use Open Source Large Language Models?

Large Language Models (LLMs) can be proprietary to a given company, or open source and free for anyone to access and modify. While proprietary LLMs are often larger, the benefits of transparency,…

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IBM Cloud Code Engine: Deploy your source code

Learn how to easily connect your code to managed services such as object storage, databases or event streams.

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IBM Instana Single Source of Truth

Discover how Instana serves as your ultimate single source of truth, providing real-time insights and comprehensive visibility into your entire IT infrastructure. Experience the future of monitoring…

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Getting started with Python AI Toolkit for IBM z/OS

Python AI Toolkit for IBM z/OS delivers industry leading AI Python packages, backed by IBM supply chain security, and makes them available on z/OS. Learn how to get started and install this product.

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Overview of Python AI Toolkit for IBM z/OS

Python AI Toolkit for IBM z/OS delivers industry leading AI Python packages, backed by IBM supply chain security, and makes them available on z/OS.

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The value of open source

Listen to developer advocate JJ Asghar describe the value of open source.

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ZOAU-Node Demo

Learn to manage files in a partitioned dataset by leveraging the zoau Node.js module and by creating a web application that can edit, build, and run C source code residing in a PDS. The zoau node…

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Public health: open source technology to scale data workloads

Public health is a data-driven function, and the amount of data is constantly expanding. Learn how open, hybrid cloud technologies can help scale workloads efficiently, and facilitate…

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How did IBM build Code Engine?

Learn how IBM built Code Engine using a set of open source technologies such as Knative, Istio, Tekton, Paketo Buildpacks, and Shipwright so developers can run container images, source code, batch…

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Automation foundation - Demo

The video is covering IBM AppConnect Enterprise at a glance by Oren Attia, Automation foundation demo.

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IBM AppConnect Enterprise Automation

The video is covering IBM Automation Foundation at a glance by Alexy Brook, Certified Experienced IT Architect, IBM

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Cloud pak for Integration - דמו

The video is demonstrating a tour in IBM Cloud Pak for Integration by Hybrid Cloud Integration Specialist Yaniv Yuzis.

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Why IBM created Code Engine?

Learn how IBM helps clients take full advantage of serverless deployments with a single platform where developers can run containers, source code and batch jobs, all in one place. Learn more about…

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IBM Open Enterprise SDK for Node.js Product Overview

Node.js’s programming architecture promotes modular-based development and deployments that are aligned with modern microservices architecture and API economy; no more monolithic applications!…

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Serving Up Machine Learning w/ Samaya Madhavan

Developer advocate Samaya Madhavan walks us through how AI learns by comparing it to her toddler’s learning habits. Throughout the video, Samaya highlights the importance of object…

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