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Mainframe Innovations: Today and tomorrow

The mainframe continues to bring breakthrough technology to market with the most recent being pervasive encryption – the ability to encrypt 100% of the data with no application changes. Learn…

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Mainframe Innovations: Virtualization and the Cloud

One computer acting like thousands. The mainframe introduced virtualization which is the foundation of cloud technology today.

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Mainframe Innovations: Centralization and Real Time

Mainframes paved the way to centralized computing and real-time transaction processing that are essential to our economy today. Learn how these technology innovations impact your everyday life. Build…

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Mainframe Innovations

Meet the mainframe and its evolution through the decades. With a long history of firsts, learn about the many innovations that have driven business transformation from its introduction through today.…

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New Faces of IBM Z: Designing 100% Encryption

Meghan McGrath, IBM Pervasive Encryption Design Lead, shares how she helped bring 100% encryption to the IBM Z. Learn more:

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New Faces of IBM Z “Splunking” the mainframe

Watch Alex Stuart (Mainframe Graduate) with Experian describe how he “is splunking the mainframe.”

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What is New in Service Management Unite Automation

This video gives you an introduction to the new 'Problem Isolation with INGWHY' dashboard in Service Management Unite V1.1.3. A quick scenario is also provided to show you how to solve…

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Provision development environments with IBM z-OS Provisioning Toolkit

Introducing the IBM® z/OS® Provisioning Toolkit. This simple command line utility enables application developers to provision development enironments in minutes - without requiring any z/OS…

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IBM Application Performance Analyzer using Eclipse-based UI

IBM Application Performance Analyzer is a non-intrusive performance analyzer that identifies z/OS application performance and response time problems, and assists in eliminating them. It helps…

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IBM z13s- An affordable mainframe for secure, enterprise computing

The IBM z13s, the entry point into the IBM Z line, that delivers the capabilities of the z13 system in a smaller footprint, bringing advanced enterprise computing to businesses of all sizes. To…

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IBM z13- The people and the design

Learn more about z13, the design of the z13 and the people who make IBM Z systems. The IBM z13 been designed from the ground up to support enormous scale and data and transactions to support the…

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IBM OMEGAMON - Monitoring on Z

The IBM OMEGAMON product family provides a suite of infrastructure, subsystem and runtime monitoring on that interlocks and works cohesively to support your IBM Z environment. OMEGAMON is…

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IBM Client Huaxia Express is helping lead China with an e-Ticketing system

Interested to learn more about how you can drive digital transformation through infrastructure built for open source? Read the IDC Analyst Report, Millions…

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IBM Multi-site Workload Lifeline

For more information about IBM Multi-site Workload Lifeline visit IBM® Multi-site Workload Lifeline enables intelligent load balancing of critical workload transactions…

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IBM Z APM Connect

Learn more at: Today's word is going though a digital transformation. End user expectations are constantly rising and this is driving ever more complicated…

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IBM z-OS Tools - CICS Tools and Problem Determination Tools

Discover the values to be found in the IBM® CICS® Tools and Problem Determination Tools, part of IBM's larger portfolio of z/OS® Tools. For further information, visit these sites:…

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