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IBM Partner Plus Deep Dive

Welcome to IBM Partner Plus! In this video, you'll hear from Todd Grube, Vice President, Global Partner Sales, IBM Ecosystem, as he dives into IBM's new partner program. He covers the new…

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Going farther together: IBM and Prolifics

IBM and Prolifics explain how the partners work together to help an electric company keep the lights on and an entertainment industry client better leverage their data to create a personalised…

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Introducing IBM Partner Plus

Kate Woolley, General Manager, IBM Ecosystem, is excited to introduce IBM Partner Plus. This is IBM's reimagined business partner program. To learn more or sign up to join, visit:…

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How To Open A Support Case For Other Service

This video demonstrates how to open support cases in the IBM Support site.

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How To Open A Product Support Case

This video demonstrates how to open product support cases in the IBM Support site.

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Common Grounds Episode 6 featuring IBM's Nick Otto and Kathleen Curry of AWS

Nick and Kathleen talk about the joint commitment to innovation that AWS and IBM share and how our work has resulted in $9M in cost savings over 5 years for one client.

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Value-led Sustainability in Financial Services: Path to Net Zero

EY-IBM Alliance organized this client virtual showcase with a select group of financial services industry leaders from NA and EMEA to discuss the challenges, trends, and best practices in addressing…

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IBM x SAP 長期パートナーシップにおける今後の展望

IBMとSAPの50年に及ぶパートナーシップを活かし、今日の課題、明日の機会や脅威に対し、クラウドを活用して変革できるよう取り組んでいます。また、エコシステムの重要性はかつてなく高まっています。IBMとSAPが共創することの価値についてご紹介します。 IBM Cloud のSAPソリューション

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Welcome to IBM Partner Plus

IBM Partner Plus is a program built for the win-win.Collaboration is the key to innovation, so we’ll work together to build a relationship that grows with your business. As our partner,…

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IBM Security Fireside Chat with Andy Kennedy and Abhijit Chakravorty

Insightful chat between Andy Kennedy, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft and Abhijit Chakravorty, Partner & Security Competence Leader, IBM Security.


IBM Ecosystem Talks - ITERA

A short video between IBM and our partner ITERA Solutions to showcase our partnership and areas of collaboration around Ai Apps

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IBM Ecosystem Talks - GMV

Short video between IBM and our partner GMV Solutions to showcase our partenrship and areas of collaboration around IBM Security

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IBM and Amazon Web Services, Better Together

IBM and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are working together as partners to help clients as they transform to AWS Cloud . Together we can help customers in their cloud journey with unmatched skills,…

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Partnering with eBiZolution to drive Digital Transformation in the Philippines

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Collaboration. With IBM Partner Portal

With IBM Partner Portal, IBM Sellers and Business Partners can collaborate better and easier.

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Simplicity. With IBM Partner Portal

At IBM, we strive for simplicity. Especially simplicity for our Business Partners. To move towards simplicity, we now have the IBM Partner Portal, which brings together the best of our tools and…

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