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Interview with Forrester analyst on TEI study for IBM Cloud for SAP

IBM commissioned Forrester to study Total Economic Impact of IBM Cloud for SAP. In this video Kris Peterson from Forrester talks about the study findings and experiences of clients who deployed SAP…

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How to Land the Cybersecurity Interview, Part I

Kip Boyle, founder and CEO of Cyber Risk Opportunities, discusses how to modify resumes specifically for cyber opportunities and earn an interview. Cyber Risk Opportunities:

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IBMZ Interview with Fadwa Alozade

Video in which Fadwa Alozade explains the place of the IBM Z in the society and why people should work in relation with this platform

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Financial Crime Fighters of the 21st centuryThe Fintech Gatekeeper: Valentino Cremona (Co-Founder Amdax) 

New gatekeepers are on the rise, digital currencies are rising in popularity. What is your perspective on the future of AML? How are you innovating in this strict and compliant world of AML?

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Financial Crime Fighters of the 21st century : Marcus Schulz Global head of change management FC Compliance

In this episode, he will shed a light on his view on the future of compliance and the key focus areas that go hand in hand. But also, how to spread the love for data!

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Introduction for Maxwell Keyte Interview

A short introduction by Maxwell Keyte, who will invite you to order the book and watch the video.

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Interview of Marc Elsberg

Interview video with Maxwell Keyte & Dirk Schuite, who interviewed the author of Black Out, Marc Elsberg

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Command IBM's Watson as your personal Star Trek A.I.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is taking its virtual environment to a whole new level - and allowing a single-player experience at the same time! IBMs famous AI Watson is making its way to the game as the…

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