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Going farther together: IBM and Prolifics

IBM and Prolifics explain how the partners work together to help an electric company keep the lights on and an entertainment industry client better leverage their data to create a personalised…

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What's the unique value of digital workers?

Jon Lester, VP HR Technology, IBM, discusses how digital workers are different than a chatbot or bot.

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How could digital workers change the future of work?

Jon Lester, VP HR Technology, IBM, discusses how a hybrid workforce will change the way work gets done with digital workers.

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Enablement video for using the IBM LinuxONE My DM campaign

How-to video that helps business partners make the best use of the IBM LinuxONE campaign in prospecting efforts for their LinuxONE based solutions

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Reto: El Digital Workplace del Centre de Telecomunicacions i Tecnologies de la Informació (CTTI) e IBM Consulting

This video shows how our team in IBM Consulting & Viewnext is helping CTTI address its challenge: transform and improve the user experience of the public employee in its workspace to increase…


Getting started with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services helps you to ensure your data in the cloud is protected by strong cryptography. This video focuses on how to get started with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto…

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Overview of the IBM and Wimbledon partnership

IBM has been the official technology partner for Wimbledon for 33 years, providing everything from the court side data catupre to the award winning digital platforms that take the tennis to a…

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IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services overview

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services provides you with exclusive control of your encryption keys in the highest security level. You can connect your Hyper Protect Crypto Services instance to…

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Are digeys just chatbots?

Digeys can handle more complex tasks and utilize a working memory of past interactions.

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What is a digital employee?

Digital employees support how we accomplish work and interact with our applications.

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What are digeys good at?

Digeys do the busy work in the tools you already use, so you can focus on the important stuff.

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What is a Digital Worker?

In this video, Leslie Chau explains just what digital workers (digeys) are, and how they can help you become more productive and focus on the work that matters most to you and your business.

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IBM Cloud powered with IBM zSystems

Bringing IBM zSystems to IBM Cloud enables users to leverage IBM zSystems’ capabilities on IBM Cloud, simplifies and improves developers’ experiences working with the mainframe. Try out…

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Strategic Outlook on the Digital Economy

The continued acceleration of technology transformation will be critical to building socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economic growth. However, businesses face heightened…

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Zafin and IBM z16 are creating new value with every customer interaction

Zafin will leverage the strength of IBM z16 to provide real-time event-driven offerings that will deliver a paradigm shift in the customer experience for banks and their clients, now and into the…

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#IN300SEC with Gianni Margutti, IBM Consulting Italy

Interview with Gianni Margutti, Managing Parter of IBM Consulting Italy, on business strategy of Todat's IBM

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