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Uncomplicate your contractor life cycle management process with Watson

Begin empowering your teams to spend less time on staffing and more time on delivering projects. See how Watson Orchestrate streamlines the process of identifying, selecting, and onboarding…

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Speed time to value with composable commerce: Webinar

Learn how composable storefronts help your organization future-proof your digital commerce. In this webinar replay, you’ll discover:What a composable storefront is Five key reasons why…

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Introducing the Partner Marketing Kits on IBM My Digital Marketing

IBM Business Partners can now plan, execute, and measure effective marketing all in one place, at no cost. Introducing the Partner Marketing Kits on IBM My Digital Marketing. Explore today

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Acelere sua jornada de RPA com o IBM Process Mining

O IBM Process Mining revela gargalos e ineficiências nos processos de negócios, aponta onde a automação produz o retorno mais significativo, gera automaticamente scripts…

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Acelerar la transición a la RPA con IBM Process Mining

IBM Process Mining muestra los cuellos de botella y las ineficiencias en los procesos empresariales, señala dónde la automatización produce el rendimiento más…

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¿Qué es la minería de procesos?

La minería de procesos es una técnica que aplica la ciencia de datos para descubrir, supervisar y optimizar los procesos de negocio mediante el análisis de los conocimientos…

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O que é Mineração de Processos?

Mineração de Processos é uma técnica que aplica a ciência de dados para descobrir, monitorar e otimizar processos de negócios, analisando o…

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A Product Mindset - Dialexa, an IBM Company

Scott Harper, Co-Founder and CEO of Dialexa, an IBM Company, shares how they help companies deliver great business outcomes with innovative digital products.

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Let's rethink recruiting

What if you were to design your recruiting process for a new company, what would you automate to get the best talent? Watch this video.

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Associating a Certificate to the ObjectConnect Server

This video shows how to create and associate a certificate to the ObjectConnect over TCP/IP server, and then export the certififcate and import it into the ObjectConect Client system.

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Going farther together: IBM and Prolifics

IBM and Prolifics explain how the partners work together to help an electric company keep the lights on and an entertainment industry client better leverage their data to create a personalised…

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What's the unique value of digital workers?

Jon Lester, VP HR Technology, IBM, discusses how digital workers are different than a chatbot or bot.

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How could digital workers change the future of work?

Jon Lester, VP HR Technology, IBM, discusses how a hybrid workforce will change the way work gets done with digital workers.

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Enablement video for using the IBM LinuxONE My DM campaign

How-to video that helps business partners make the best use of the IBM LinuxONE campaign in prospecting efforts for their LinuxONE based solutions

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Reto: El Digital Workplace del Centre de Telecomunicacions i Tecnologies de la Informació (CTTI) e IBM Consulting

This video shows how our team in IBM Consulting & Viewnext is helping CTTI address its challenge: transform and improve the user experience of the public employee in its workspace to…


Getting started with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services helps you to ensure your data in the cloud is protected by strong cryptography. This video focuses on how to get started with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect…

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