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Anwendergeschichte Boston Dynamics

Sehen Sie, wie die Partnerschaft zwischen IBM und Boston Dynamics den industriellen Betrieb revolutioniert.

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Témoignage client de Boston Dynamics

Découvrez comment IBM s'est associé à Boston Dynamics pour révolutionner les opérations industrielles telles que nous les concevions auparavant.

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Storia del cliente Boston Dynamics

Scopri in che modo IBM ha collaborato con Boston Dynamics per rivoluzionare le operazioni industriali rispetto a come le conosciamo.

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The value of software defined vehicles

Software is what will make advanced and automated driving systems connected, personalized, and autonomous. What are the benefits this will bring to the future of mobility? Watch this short overview…

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A connected ecosystem: IBM’s economic engine for partner growth

Think session for mediacenter Session 2329 - A connected ecosystem

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Add connected data from a data source to a Watson Studio project: Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

This video shows you how to create a connection to a data source and then add connected data to a Watson Studio project.

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Exploitez la puissance de vos applications métier de base

Exploitez toute la puissance de vos applications métier de base. Vos systèmes métier vous empêchent-ils d'aller aussi vite que vous le souhaiteriez ? Les…

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Sfrutta la potenza delle tue applicazioni di core business

Sfrutta la potenza delle tue applicazioni di core business. Il tuo sistema di business ti sta limitando? I dati delle tue applicazioni di core business costituisco un…

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Используйте весь потенциал ваших корпоративных приложений

Используйте весь потенциал корпоративных приложений. Имеющиеся системы тормозят развитие бизнеса? Данные из корпоративных приложений - это неиссякаемый источник ценной информации,…

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Aprovechar el potencial de las aplicaciones críticas de negocio

Aprovechar todo el potencial de sus aplicaciones críticas de negocio. ¿Le están frenando sus sistemas empresariales? Los datos de sus aplicaciones…

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Nutzen Sie das Potenzial Ihrer Kerngeschäftsanwendungen

Nutzen Sie das volle Potenzial Ihrer Kerngeschäftsanwendungen. Werden Sie durch Ihre Geschäftssysteme abgebremst? Die Daten aus Ihren Kerngeschäftsanwendungen sind…

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Build resilient business operations with intelligence, insights and expertise

Build resilient business operations with intelligence, insights and expertise A smarter business ensures the reliability of critical assets and the adaptability of operations to enable business…

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Delivering Citizen-Centric Energy and Utility Operations with IBM Maximo

Municipal utilities face numerous challenges in delivering non-stop utility services to their constituents. How do the leaders drive citizen-centric operations while addressing shrinking budgets,…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Security in Two Minutes

IBM Cloud Pak for Security is a containerized software platform pre-integrated with Red Hat OpenShift. It helps organizations quickly integrate existing security tools to generate deeper insights…

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How you can become the Keystone of your Ecosystem

By 2020, there will be 20.4 billion connected things and consumers will manage 85% of business relationships without human interaction. People are more connected to the world around them than ever…

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Honda Cars India improves customer connection and services with IoT and cloud

Honda Cars India knew it needed to sustain and evolve its business simultaneously through a deeper understanding of real customers’ needs, supported by a robust customer management platform. It…

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