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Cloud without Compromise Event Video -- SAP and IBM Cloud -- App Modernization

Lalit Patil, CTO SAP Enterprise Cloud Services, SAP SE, on the longstanding partnership with IBM, and how both companies are collaborating to help businesses become data-driven intelligent…

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Ask Me Anything with Bola Rotibi: Modernization

Analyst Bola Rotibi joins us to answer the industry's most common modernization questions.

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IBM Power Rankings at the 2021 US Open

IBM Power Rankings are AI-powered daily rankings of a player's momentum leading into and during the US Open.

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IBM technology at the 2021 US Open

Chrissie Evert and Chris Fowler describe the IBM hybrid cloud and AI technology that serves up fan insights in the US Open app and website.

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Forrester's Lauren Nelson on app modernization

Hear from Forrester analyst Lauren Nelson on today's key findings around IT modernization.

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Daily Drilling Well Report and NPT App on IBM's Hybrid Cloud OSDU Platform Demo

Daily Drilling Well Report & NPT App on IBM's Hybrid Cloud OSD illustrates how simple it is to leverage IBM Open Data for Industries to program applications to solve real life workflow…

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Serving Up Machine Learning w/ Samaya Madhavan

Developer advocate Samaya Madhavan walks us through how AI learns by comparing it to her toddler’s learning habits. Throughout the video, Samaya highlights the importance of object…

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Max Mobile

Respond to changing times by incorporating the Max Mobile product, designed to expand your digital presence, drive revenue and engage with audiences on the go.

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IBM Copy Services Manager Update and DS8900F native LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) 05182021

Listen to this webinar to learn from Randy Blea, Copy Services Manager Architect, about the new features available in Copy Services Manager (CSM) 6.2.12. New features such as programmatically…

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Developer Diaries: Gaming and the evolution of AI with Otis Smart

Hear from IBM Developer Advocate Otis Smart as he explains how AI has improved the world of gaming and enterprise development throughout the years. To learn more, check out…

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Assure Application Performance in Real Time

Understand the benefit of having full stack observability combined with application resource management in order to maximize app resources and cost management. Visit for…

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Enabling AIX shared processor pool utilisation statistics via the HMC

Ensuring the fullest level of CPU and Processor Performance Monitoring This video shows how to enable the recording of shared processor pool statistics. This is activated from the HMC and allows a…

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Developer Diaries - Uniting musicians with AI and IBM Cloud Functions

Matt Hamilton takes us through a behind the scenes look at Choirless and how IBM Cloud Functions helped create a platform connecting musicians all over the world. This Call for Code finalist has…

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A nuvem pública mais aberta e segura - LA - BR-PT

Como você constrói uma nuvem pública mais aberta e segura para os negócios? Não deixando de permitir que os clientes acessem a nuvem pública aberta de…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration-demo演示

通过一个业务场景很好的演示了IBM Cloud Pak for Integration中最重要的两个组件API Connect & App Connect功能。IBM Cloud Pak for Integration…

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ExxonMobil: IBM Cloud로 주유소에서 혁신적인 고객 경험 선사

서비스 혁신을 위해 ExxonMobil은 IBM iX 팀과 협업하여 업계 최초의 디지털 결제용 스마트폰 앱인 SpeedPass+를 설계하고 출시했습니다. 해당 솔루션은 IBM Public Cloud를 이용했는데, 앱 운영 비용이 40% 절감되었고, 사용자의 증가에 따라 손쉽게 확장 가능합니다. ExxonMobil의 Devin Miller와 IBM의…

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