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Adding storage systems to IBM Storage Insights

Learn how to add the storage systems that you want to monitor in IBM Storage Insights. You can add multiple storage systems at the same time, or add them one by one. To add multiple storage systems,…

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Organizing storage resources in Departments

Learn how to monitor the capacity and space usage of departments and subdepartments and the performance of the applications and the application subcomponents that are added to departments and…

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Organizing storage resources in Groups

You can group your resources, such as the storage systems with lease agreements that end in the current year, so that you can view information about the resources at one location in the GUI in…

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IBM Storage Insights: Whats new in September 2019

Learn about the new features and enhancements that are available in IBM Storage Insights and IBM Storage Insights Pro, like the new Operations dashboard that enables you to quickly assess which…

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2020 IBM 存储第三季度新品发布会 - 打通数据湖“淘金”通道

2020年7月,一直致力于在现代化架构领域持续创新的IBM推出面向数据湖的新一代存储解决方案Elastic Storage System 5000,这款专为企业数据湖而生的存储新品,能够帮助企业构建YB级的高性能数据湖,为企业的AI旅程插上腾飞的翅膀!

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