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Unit 1, Section 5: IMS and z/OS: The Address Space Concept

This video provides an overview of z/OS address space and how IMS uses address spaces.

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Космос и ИТ.

Интервью с А.Мисуркиным, Героем Российской Федерации, летчиком-космонавтом, организатором и ведущим научно-популярного проекта"Космос не ждет"

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IBM Edge Computing helps NASA analyze DNA in Space

Naeem Altaf, IBM’s Space Tech CTO, explains an edge computing project he’s leading with NASA to help analyze DNA onboard the International Space Station.  This project is helping to…

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Edge Computing in Space - NASA ISS x IBM Space Tech

NASA x ISS Animation

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IBM Global Real Estate Group customer video

For today's real estate and facility management professionals, it's no longer about brick and mortar, or mops and buckets. It's about using technology, understanding the data and…

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IBM Global Real Estate Group: Managing space with technology

For today's real estate and facility management professionals, it's much more than mops and buckets or bricks and mortar; it's about using technology and how you manage your space.…

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Apollo 11 50th anniversary: Round Rock Gang

Fifty years ago, more than 4,000 IBMers worked alongside NASA on Apollo 11 mission.

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Airbus and the German Aerospace Center provide astronauts with an AI-based robot assistant for space exploration

Working in outer space is difficult. Tight schedules, even tighter quarters and zero gravity present unique challenges to the astronauts and scientists aboard the International Space Station (ISS). …

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(80-074) Apollo-Saturn - TV Commercial (1965)

How IBM technology is being used to aid NASA’s Saturn program, with the ultimate goal of a lunar landing. Demonstration of how IBM computers are tested prior to their introduction into space.…

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Using IoT to understand space utilization

Organizations have billions of feet of space and this space is expensive. Learn how IoT can help you understand and optimize your space.

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IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 - Space Management- CAD Integrator Reporting

This video addresses IBM TRIRIGA 10.3 - Space Management: CAD Integrator Reporting.

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Customize the space

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Monitor and Manage Disk Space in Informix on Cloud

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Paddy Power wins big with IBM FlashSystem

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