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BRF: IBM Watson을 통한 서비스 데스크 혁명

Brasil Foods의 AI 서비스 데스크가 어떻게 직원의 사용자 지원 경험을 어떻게 변화시켰는지 소개합니다

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Client success: What BRF learned by deploying an AI service desk

With 30,000 employees in locations around the world, Brazilian food company, BRF, manages a busy IT service desk. Hear how IBM's AI-powered service desk solution helps the BRF team lower call…

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Solution demo: Workplace Support Services with Watson

See four typical user interactions with the solution, which uses analytics, cognitive technology and automation to drive outstanding IT service desk support experiences. Learn how…

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How AI-powered service desks outperform traditional IT service desks

In a world where teams are spread across the globe and constantly mobile, your employees need around-the-clock service desk support. IBM’s AI-powered service desk offering, Workplace Support…

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