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Sales Territory and Quota Planning with IBM Planning Analytics

Take control of your sales effectiveness and revenue generation. With this secure and scalable solution, you can confidently plan territory forecasts and set realistic quota targets. With IBM…

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Sales and Operations Planning with IBM Planning Analytics

In today's dynamic business landscape, effective collaboration and iterative processes are crucial in Sales and Operations Planning. With IBM Planning Analytics, organizations can transcend…

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Returns and exchanges by customer or order search - IBM Sterling Store Engagement

Learn how you can use IBM Sterling Store Engagement to create returns and exchanges by searching for customers or sales orders. For more information, visit…

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Cooking With Marketing: A better recipe to deliver client value

Let's create better client experiences! Marketing has been working on a better recipe to understand our clients, create personalized content in modern formats, and…

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Prendere decisioni più intelligenti utilizzando l'analisi dello scenario what-if

Scopri come potrai creare modelli multidimensionali ed eseguire analisi "what-if" per esplorare scenari o verificare ipotesi di business.

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Grupo Boticário - Prediciendo la demanda de cosméticos por parte de los consumidores

IBM Analytics ayuda al Grupo Boticário a entender lo que quieren los clientes, lo cual permite una planificación más inteligente de la producción, la…

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Mit der Was-wäre-wenn-Szenarioanalyse zu intelligenteren Entscheidungen NEW: Mit der what-if Szenarioanalyse zu intelligenteren Entscheidungen

Sehen Sie, wie Sie mehrdimensionale Modelle aufbauen und "Was-wäre-wenn" -Analysen durchführen können, um Szenarien zu erkunden oder Unternehmensannahmen zu testen. NEW:…

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Utilisation de l'analyse des scénarios de simulation pour prendre des décisions plus judicieuses

Découvrez comment vous pouvez créer des modèles multidimensionnels et procéder à des analyses de simulation pour imaginer des scénarios ou tester des…

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