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Demo interattiva di Guardium Insights – Condividi insight

La comprensione dei rischi in ambienti multicloud ibridi richiede una comprensione dettagliata del tipo di minaccia che si è verificata. I team che si occupano di sicurezza dei dati devono…

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Most DevOps toolchains are perceived as being inefficient

Developers demand faster change and adoption of automation so software delivery is more frequent.

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Orgs need to do more to minimize the environmental impact of software delivery

Businesses look to reduce their impact of their software delivery process on the environment.

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Teams want help to identify efficiency blockers

Efficiency blockers limit innovation and response to changing business needs.

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Maturing software delivery is a journey that requires data

Data insights and analysis from each delivery stage help address inefficiencies.

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Developers want more DevOps automation

Developers want to deliver great software - faster. 'Automation' ( helps them achieve their goals.

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IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson - How to convert a list report to a crosstab report

This video shows you how to convert a list report to a crosstab report in IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson with a click of a button. Using the crosstab offers a different perspective to viewing data…

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IBM Spectrum Computing: Viewing IBM Spectrum LSF RTM 9.1.3 jobs

This video provides a tour of the basic features of the IBM Spectrum LSF RTM (Report Track Monitor), which you can use to display and control the jobs that are running in your system. On June 2,…

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