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IBM Security X-Force para ransomware

Conozca cómo el actual aumento de los ataques de ransomware está afectando a las empresas y aprenda las mejores prácticas de los servicios de IBM Security X-Force para afrontar…

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Reinventing Financial Services: Let’s talk about enterprise security -- The risks, regulation, and immediate steps to take

No CEO wants to be sitting in front of a Senate hearing explaining a Ransomware attack. With ransomware attacks predicted to cost the world $10.5 trillion annually by 2025*, regulators are taking an…

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[데모 ]IBM Cloud Pak for Secury로 렌섬웨어 대응

IBM Cloud Pak for Secury로 렌섬웨어(특히 류크 랜섬웨어) 대응하기 위한 SOC 프로세스 워크플로를 확인하세요. 본 데모 영상을 통해 IBM Cloud Pak for Secury로 랜섬웨어를 조사하고 그 조사결과에 따라 케이스를 생성하고 생성된 케이스에 따라 조치를 수행하며 추가로 어떤 작업을 할 수 있는지에 대해 자세하게 확인하실…

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Simulation d’une attaque Ransomware

Simulation d'une attaque ransomware et moyens pour s'en protéger.

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IBM Security Gesundheitswesen Video

Aktuell arbeiten Gesundheitsdienstleister immer mehr online und Cyber-criminelle machen Überstunden. Mit IBM Security haben Krankenhäuser ihre Verteidigungsstrategien…

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