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Persistent memory for SAP HANA

In this video, Bradley Knapp with IBM Cloud, explains how to use Intel Optane DC persistent memory for SAP HANA, as well as the many benefits it provides such as dramatically lowering SAP HANA…

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In - Memory DB 를 위한 새로운 persistent memory 기술

SAP HANA 등의 in-memory DB를 위한 서버 인프라스트럭처에 대해 기업들이 느끼는 불편은 어떤 것인지, 그리고 그에 대응하기 위해 어떤 persistent memory technology를 활용할 수 있는지 소개 드립니다.

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Persistent Memory Explained

Persistent Memory is a new technology that is providing enterprises with a new ultra, fast memory storage option. In this lightboard video, Bradley Knapp from IBM Cloud, maps out what Persistent…

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