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Disrupting Disruption with Intelligent Workflows

The numbers are in. Learn why 79% of executives scaling Intelligent Automation expect to outperform their competition in revenue growth.

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Accelera il tuo viaggio verso l'automazione robotica dei processi con IBM Process Mining

IBM Process Mining svela i ritardi e le inefficienze nei processi aziendali, individua i punti nei quali l'automazione offre il maggior ritorno, genera automaticamente script per bot di…

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Accélérez votre parcours d'automatisation de processus robotique avec IBM Process Mining

IBM Process Mining révèle les goulots d'étranglement et les inefficacités dans les processus métier, identifie avec précision les domaines dans…

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Beschleunigen Sie Ihre RPA-Journey mit IBM Process Mining

IBM Process Mining enthüllt Engpässe und Ineffizienzen in Geschäftsprozessen, zeigt auf, wo Automatisierung den größten Nutzen bringt, generiert automatisch…

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Qu'est-ce que le process mining ?

Le process mining est une technique qui s'appuie sur la science des données pour reconnaître, surveiller et optimiser les processus métier en analysant les…

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Was ist Process Mining?

Process Mining ist eine Technik, die Datenwissenschaft anwendet, um Geschäftsprozesse zu entdecken, zu überwachen und zu optimieren, wobei das verfügbare Wissen…

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Che cos'è il Process Mining?

Il process mining è una tecnica che applica il data science per rilevare, monitorare e ottimizzare i processi aziendali analizzando le conoscenze disponibili tramite i sistemi di log degli…

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IBM Process Mining enables ELAL airline to gain full control on procurement operations

ELAL Israel's airlines with expert-labs implemented IBM Process Mining in a PoC to monitor the procurement process, discovering automation opportunities and gaining full control and monitoring.…

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Accelerate Your RPA Journey with IBM Process Mining Demo

IBM Process Mining unveils bottlenecks and inefficiencies in business processes, pinpoints where automation yields the most significant return, automatically generates RPA bot scripts from process…

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Data, IA & Process Mining : le trio gagnant pour améliorer vos processus

Retours d'expérience de Guillaume Aurine de CELONIS et Vahan Garabedian d'IBM autour du Process Mining.

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State Farm: Speed application and product development with test data management

Mark Moncelle, Architect Manager at State Farm, describes how test data management benefits a governed organization's data mining, application development, and product development processes in…

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RCS Global leverages IBM Blockchain to change the game for responsible sourcing

RCS Global, a leader in data-driven responsible sourcing, teamed up with IBM to create the Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network. The IBM Blockchain platform provides the foundation for a network…

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MineHub ensures timely and accurate data-sharing with blockchain

MineHub has established a consortium of leading industry participants—including mining, technology and banking companies—to help build a blockchain platform to manage high-value assets…

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