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IBM Mayflower Technology in a Defense Environment

The potential for this technology in our oceans and beyond is enormous. Space and cyberspace have rapidly become the domains where we are competing to gain and maintain a tactical advantage. At IBM…

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The Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project: The Journey Continues in 2022

A preview of the renewed journey of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) and of Episode 7 of the "The Uncharted," coming in February 2022.

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Mayflower Episode 6: Rocky Waters

This is it: the Mayflower crossing the Atlantic. But what happens when you’ve done everything right but things still go wrong?

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How AI-powered Automation is used in the Mayflower Autonomous Ship

Listen to Don Scott, CTO of Marine Ai, a partner of IBM and the ship owner, ProMare, talk about how IBM AI-Powered Automation might help transform not only shipping and marine research, but also…

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Episode 5: Shore in Sight

The AI Captain has been trained and sea trials are underway, but the MAS team is feeling the pressure before the ship's journey.

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Teaser Trailer Episode 5: Shore in Sight

A teaser trailer for the IBM-produced documentary series, “Episode 5: Shore in Sight” about the Mayflower Autonomous Ship project

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Mayflower Episode 4: From Ashore to Afloat

Witness the sea trials in Plymouth as the Mayflower Autonomous Ship faces ocean conditions for the first time.

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