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IBM Z System Automation 4.3 – Job Log Monitoring Improvements

This video introduces the Job Log Monitoring capability enhancements that are delivered in IBM Z System Automation 4.3. For an overview of Job Log Monitoring, see Z System Automation documentation. …

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Access to Capital: Becoming SBA Loan Application Ready

One of the biggest challenges for many entrepreneurs is securing the financing to start or grow their business. In this webinar, explore ways to begin the SBA Loan application process. Also, learn…

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My Mainframe Job : Software Developer on Z

Hear from Devin about his role as a software developer on Z.

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My Mainframe Job : Db2 for z/OS Systems Programmer

Hear from Anna about her role as a Db2 for z/OS Systems Programmer.

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FELIPE'S TEST - Meet Mombo, a different IBM Manager

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Create a Simple DataStage Job

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IBM® Spectrum Computing LSF Job OPs - Android

This video provides a tour of the IBM® Spectrum Computing LSF Job OPs app, which you can use to display and control the jobs that are running in your system. On June 2, 2016, IBM Platform…

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IBM Spectrum LSF Job OPs mobile app - iOS

This video introduces the IBM Spectrum LSF Job Operation mobile app. On June 2, 2016, IBM Platform Computing was renamed to IBM® Spectrum Computing. For more information, go to:…

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04 Upload Contracts XLS II C.mp4

This is video Part 2 of two. It is not necessary to download the files twice. Annotation of contracts.xls - …

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Angel Diaz Cloud

Hear from Angel Diaz, Vice President, Cloud Technology and Architecture, about why there is no better time to start a career with IBM Cloud.

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Kevin Eagan IBM Cloud

Kevin Eagan talking about jobs and position in IBM Cloud and about great work environment that IBM has.

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