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COBOL/Java Interoperability Overview

Visit the new COBOL-Java interoperability portal -

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IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Platform and Digital Threads

A quick overview of how IBM's Engineering Lifecycle Managament (ELM) platform can help breakdown data silos and support data interoperability across the product development lifecycle.

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Go on z/OS: How to access VSAM data bases from Go and CGO

This video will cover how you can access VSAM databases from Go and CGO. This is part 2 of the "How to use Go packages to create a RESTful server" tutorial video. This video was inspired by…

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Go on z/OS: Using Go packages to create a RESTful server

This tutorial video will cover how to use Go packages to create a RESTful server. It will also give a brief introduction to the Go language and how to localize your package with no access to the…

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TM1 interoperability and contribution

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