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IBM IMS V15.3 Featured Product Enhancements

Check out the latest IBM IMS product enhancements released in V15.3: IMS Support for Z Security & Compliance Center 31-bit COBOL and 64-bit Java ™ Interoperability Performance…

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IBM FlashSystem 概要

ハイブリッドクラウド向けのストレージがシンプルになりました。 IBM FlashSystemファミリーは、IBM Spectrum Virtualizeを搭載し、要求の厳しいアプリケーションのニーズに対応する単一のデータ・プラットフォームです。AIを搭載したIBM Storage…

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Wir stellen IBM z16 vor: Modernisierung mit Hybrid-Cloud

In diesem Video stellen Nathan Dotson, IBM Z Hybrid Cloud Offering Manager, und Skyla Loomis, Vizepräsidentin der IBM Z Application Platform unseren Ansatz zur Hybrid Cloud vor. Außerdem…

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Presentazione di IBM z16: Modernizza con il cloud ibrido

In questo video, Nathan Dotson, IBM zSystems Hybrid Cloud Offering Manager e Skyla Loomis, Vicepresidente di IBM zSystems Application Platform, parlano del nostro approccio al cloud…

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Presentación de IBM z16: Modernizar con el cloud híbrido

En este vídeo, Nathan Dotson, director de ofertas de cloud híbrido de IBM Z, y Skyla Loomis, vicepresidente de IBM Z Application Platform, debaten nuestro método para el cloud…

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IBM z16 소개: 하이브리드 클라우드를 통한 현대화

이 영상에서는 IBM zSystems 하이브리드 클라우드 오퍼링 매니저인 Nathan Dotson과 IBM zSystems Application Platform의 부사장인 Skyla Loomis가 하이브리드 클라우드에 대한 IBM의 접근법, 하이브리드 클라우드 전략 도입의 중요성, 그리고 플랫폼 현대화를 통해 얻을 수 있는 가치를 설명합니다.

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Apresentando IBM z16: Modernizando com nuvem híbrida

Neste vídeo, Nathan Dotson, gerente de ofertas de nuvem híbrida para IBM zSystems e Skyla Loomis, vice-presidente da plataforma de aplicações IBM zSystems, contam sobre…

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실질적인 비즈니스 구현을 위한 설계: IBM z16

새로 나온 IBM z16™ 플랫폼은 혁신적인 온칩 AI 추론과 업계 최초의 양자 내성(quantum-safe) 기술을 활용하여 인공지능과 사이버 복원성을 귀사의 하이브리드 클라우드에 제공합니다. 현대화가 수반하는 위험성을 줄여주는 하이브리드 클라우드의 발전과 함께하는 디지털 혁신에 필수적인 플랫폼입니다. 의사결정의 속도를 가속화하고 비즈니스…

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Criado para construir: IBM z16

A nova plataforma IBM z16™ traz IA e resiliência cibernética para sua nuvem híbrida, usando inferência de IA on-chip inovadora e tecnologias de segurança…

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IBM: Let's create a hybrid cloud that can change an industry

From energy suppliers to banks, learn how IBM is helping companies innovate with an open hybrid cloud platform at Because when data is available anywhere securely…

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Proteção de dados para ambientes inovadores com IBM FlashSystem

Descubra como o IBM FlashSystem pode ajudar a proteger seus dados de negócios com maior capacidade de recuperação, seja em seu data center ou em ambientes híbridos.

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Why Customers Need IBM Cloud

In this video, you will review reasons customers need IBM Cloud, from migration, to data security, running vital apps in the cloud or even specialized support. Whatever the reason, IBM Cloud…

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Becoming an IBM Cloud Professional

In this video, you will explore what it means to become an IBM Cloud professional through training and certification at the IBM Center for Cloud Training.

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Netezza as a Fully Managed Service on Cloud

Take Netezza for a Test Drive → more about Netezza → as a managed service delivers the enterprise level data store…

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IBM technology at the 2022 GRAMMYS

Kevin Frazier explains how the IBM created GRAMMY Insights with IBM Watson for the Recording Academy.

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#IN300SEC with Gianni Margutti, IBM Consulting Italy

Interview with Gianni Margutti, Managing Parter of IBM Consulting Italy, on business strategy of Todat's IBM

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