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Harvey Mason jr., CEO of the Recording Academy

The Recording Academy and IBM are using generative AI from watsonx to instantly produce stories and insights about hundreds of GRAMMY-nominated artists. Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. talks…

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IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z brings Generative AI to Mainframe Application Modernization

Learn how IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z can accelerate AI-assisted mainframe application by:Speeding up code development and increasing developer productivity throughout the application…

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ICCT Today and Tomorrow: Desk Job

Your tomorrow is now with the IBM Center for Cloud Training. Let cloud certifications help set you apart.

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IBM Virtual Dev and Test for z/OS Technical Overview

This video is a technical overview of IBM Virtual Dev and Test for z/OS. ZVDT provides a non-production, isolated IBM Z environment running on Linux on IBM Z or LinuxONE, on-premise. Users can build…

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Getting started with installation of ZVDT web tooling

This video deals with installation of IBM Virtual Dev and Test for z/OS web tooling and discusses what needs to be done on other systems to ensure everything works properly within the tool. It shows…

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Installing ZVDT license server and hypervisor

This video demonstrates how to install the ZVDT license server and hypervisor components of the product. It help you determine the best network topology to use for your environment.

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Top 3 Recommendations to Protect Your Data Across the Hybrid Cloud

As masses of data shift to the cloud, enterprises face growing security challenges. Factors such as, the loss of visibility and control over data, the emergence of shadow data and misuse, all…

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Balancing Act: Accessibility AND Protection in Cloud

The video questions the traditional choice between compliance and innovation, accessibility and protection, and on-premises and cloud solutions. It declares the end of the era of "or" and…

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Why IBM Cloud Certification? - Ismael

Ismael, an Infrastructure Systems Expert for NTT Data, describes his experience with using the IBM Center for Cloud Technology (ICCT) platform. ICCT learning paths helped guide him to successful…

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Why IBM Cloud Certification? - Victor

Victor, an Infrastructure Systems Leader for NTT Data, explains how the IBM Center for Cloud Technologies (ICCT) platform provides the resources to train and certify individuals on IBM Cloud…

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IBM Wazi as a Service Overview

Do you need to improve your developer experience? Watch this video to understand how you can easily accelerate cloud native development and testing of z/OS applications with a z/OS Virtual Server in…

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End to end Z DevOps workflow in IBM Cloud

In this video we are walking you through an end-to-end development scenario of implementing a change request for a COBOL application. All development is performed 100% in the Cloud by just using a…

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Certification = results. For NTT Data and companies like yours.

Learn about NTT Data’s journey thru certification to client success!

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Learn how an ICCT certification can help you advance your career

Hear from peers and colleagues about how an ICCT certification helped them in their career.

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IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh: App-Centric Connectivity

Watch the demo to see how Hybrid Cloud Mesh can create secured application connectivity across clouds in minutes, not days and enhance collaboration between DevOps and CloudOps teams through a single…

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IBM Consulting presents New Creators with Alexandra Bentley-Stephens: Social Cut 2

Alexandra Bentley-Stephens describes how automation is transforming hybrid cloud services

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