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Modernizing digital experiences with consumer IAM (CIAM)

External users, whether customers, prospects or citizens, expect a frictionless and secure experience through every digital channel. Watch this video to learn best practices for implementing a CIAM…

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Accelerating CGF Coalitions of Action: Gaining Adoption of Industry-Wide Standards

IBM Special Session at CGF Summit on Supply Chain traceability, with Luq Niazi, IBM Industry GM, and Anne Godfrey, CEO GS1 UK.

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BBC Global News: IBM Food Trust

BBC tells the story of IBM Food Trust, which enables transparency in food-supply chains. They discover how Kvarøy Arctic uses IBM’s blockchain system to improve the traceability of its…

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BBC Global News: IBM Sustainable Agriculture

BBC tells the story of IBM and their work in sustainable agriculture as smallholder farms around the world are dealing with the impacts of climate change. The FarmWeather app created in partnership…

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How Sally Beauty delivers continuous omnichannel innovation

The customer demand to buy differently is driving seismic shifts in omnichannel fulfillment. Learn how Sally Beauty is taking bold bets on technology to deliver more dynamic customer experiences.…

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Farmer Connect + IBM_ BR_PT

From the perspective of consumers, the coffee industry is complex, from farm cultivation to domestic distribution, processing, export and import. Technology can show the entire journey from farm…

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La blockchain, une histoire de confiance

Blockchain et traçabilité alimentaire : l’exemple de l’élevage de saumon

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Consumer banking for the Next Normal: New ways of working

The pandemic is amplifying market forces to disrupt traditional customer engagement models and challenge banks to reinvent themselves. The pandemic has left physical branches empty and has…


Bestseller drives smarter apparel business decision with IBM

Partnering with IBM Services, Bestseller India used IBM® Garage™ methodology to develop, India’s first AI-powered platform for the fashion industry. derives…

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How the retail industry is transforming with the IBM Cloud

roundup of client interviews, all highlighting the importance of IBM Cloud for retail.

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What is BlockpARTy? Where art and blockchain innovation meet

You know what consumer confidence feels like... but what does it look like? Watch how one artist sees it, and hear IBM Blockchain clients describe it. Join us for BlockpARTy —…

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A Closer Look at the Sustainability Agenda

Investing in sustainability means making deliberate and often different choices to progress the mission. From the C-suite to the frontline worker, it takes full-level commitment to work together on…

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IBM 思享汇 - 智慧工厂锵锵三人行

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11月 12日 IBM “智慧门店的创新与实践”在线研讨会

本届研讨会邀请知名零售企业高层管理人员及IBM 资深零售业专家,共同就零售业门店转型与创新的实践与理论问题展开深入探讨。 如需获取进一步技术支持或咨询服务,请: 1.即刻致电 (服务时间:周一至周五 9:00-17:00) 400-810-1818 转 2401(手机) 800-810-1818 转 2401(座机) 2. 点击此处,填写您的需求,我们会尽快回复您

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Running a Global Supply Chain with Starkist and IBM

StarKist is the canned tuna market share leader in the U.S. How could it manage a complex global supply chain with limited IT resources? By using IBM Services for Managed SAP Applications to run its…

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Consumer Anthem Video

See how the most innovative companies are leveraging #IoT, #AI and #blockchain embedded in the supply chain, to enable trusted, seamless connections and transparency, from source to consumer. In…

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