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Build resilient business operations with intelligence, insights and expertise

Build resilient business operations with intelligence, insights and expertise A smarter business ensures the reliability of critical assets and the adaptability of operations to enable business…

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Delivering Citizen-Centric Energy and Utility Operations with IBM Maximo

Municipal utilities face numerous challenges in delivering non-stop utility services to their constituents. How do the leaders drive citizen-centric operations while addressing shrinking budgets,…

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Data & Defense: How to Boost Readiness

Watch this webinar to learn the results of a recent research report created by GovLoop surveying 101 DoD and intelligence professionals to determine how AI is being used to enhance readiness.

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Cognitive manufacturing webinar

Learn how organizations are using cognitive solutions to address key issues in process manufacturing plants.

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Continuous Engineering for the Electronics Industry

了解 IBM 的持续工程解决方案如何帮助您面对移动性、物联网和软件带来的挑战和机遇。Continuous Engineering for the Electronics Industry

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IBM + Cisco Announcement Port of Cartagena Customer Reference

A video about the Port of Cartagena. Used in an event on June 1, 2016, announcing Cisco + IBM Partnership.

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IBM Message Sight and the Connected Car

IBM MessageSight can be used across a variety of industries, especially the automotive industry enabling manufacturing to connect their cars to the internet to provide a more dynamic and engaging for…

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Thomas Jefferson University Hospital: smart hospital rooms improve quality of patient care

Hospitalization can be stressful for both patients and loved ones. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Watson IoT are changing that.

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Continuous Engineering for the Electronics Industry

See how IBM continuous engineering solutions can help you tackle the challenges and opportunities of Mobile, Internet of Things and Software

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Asset Management helps CSX achieve better business outcomes

IBM Maximo Asset Management solutions help CSX to achieve better business outcomes.

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Green Horizons

IBM is helping to fight air pollution and climate change with the power of cognitive computing and IoT.

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