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How To Integrate An IBM RPA Bot

Watch this video to learn how to merge a digital assistant with IBM RPA.

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How to Build An IBM RPA Bot

Watch this video to learn how to create a software bot in minutes.

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通用汽车金融公司 +IBM:使用 Waston Assistant 回答客户问题,改善员工工作体验

通用汽车金融公司是汽车行业领导者通用汽车的金融服务部门,它将 Waston Assistant 视为 "另一名团队成员",帮助回答客户的常规问题,并在竞争激烈的环境中改善员工的工作体验。 在COVID-19期间,Watson Assistant 处理了 50-60% 的实时聊天请求,在没有人工干预的情况下解决了大约 90% 的问题。了解更多 IBM Watson…

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Chatting with IBM Z ChatOps 1.1.0

IBM Z ChatOps was generally available on Nov 3, 2020. Watch this demo video to learn about how to chat with the bot user of IBM Z ChatOps and ask it to show the resource information that you need…

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Burguer King. Jornada da Transformação Digital. Change Experience 4

Marcia Baena, VP de Gente & Gestão do Burguer King e Popeyes Brasil, compartilha sua experiência de como foi suportar milhares de funcionário em um cenário de pandemia…

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San Jacinto College District + IBM: Going beyond a chatbot with IBM Watson

Listen to Rob Stanicic, Chief Information Officer, San Jacinto College, as he talks about how they use IBM Watson Assistant, Watson Discovery and Watson Studio to create a chat bot that can deal with…

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GM Financial + IBM: Using Watson Assistant to answer customer questions and improve the employee workday

Bob Beatty, EVP of Customer Experience, GM Financial, talks about how they empowered employees by using "another team member," Watson Assistant, to answer routine customer questions and…

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