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Hydro One: Cutting restoration time in half with Outage Prediction

With the severity and frequency of major weather events on the rise, power companies need to better predict and prepare for the power outages that accompany them. With the Outage Prediction tool from…

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Norfolk Southern: Using Weather Company data to drive down railroad operational costs

Norfolk Southern is building a smarter railroad through technology by using hyper-localized weather data from The Weather Company to automate the operation of the propane ice melters that keep its…

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The Weather Company Named the Official Weather Partner of NASCAR

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Aston Martin Red Bull Racing is Driving the Speed of Innovation with IBM

IBM Spectrum solutions enable Aston Martin Red Bull Racing to have deep insight into huge volumes of real-time and historical data. Read more: “Our job is to get the…

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Nextel: Bringing AIOps to network operations

A telecommunications provider in Brazil, Nextel runs a network that is growing in size and complexity every day. Using IBM Netcool Operations Insight software to monitor more than 25,000 network…

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Analytic Partners: Using weather data to help clients optimize marketing investements

Analytic Partners is using The Weather Company data to improve it's ability to customize and fine tune the analytics it provides to its customers, improving digital ROI 40%. Read more:…

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Behr: Using AI and weather data to help consumers color their world

Behr is using Watson technologies to help guide clients through paint selection process, and has combined this with Weather Company data to ensure that its clients are finding the color they want,…

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GRAF - New IBM Weather System Will Improve Forecasting Around the World

IBM and The Weather Company have unveiled a powerful new global weather forecasting system that will provide the most accurate local weather forecasts ever seen worldwide. The new IBM Global…

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NB Power: Changing the future with weather data, AI and machine learning

NB Power partners with IBM to develop OPRO, an AI powered system for Outage Prediction and Resource Optimization that uses machine learning to analyze historical storm data from IBM's 'The…

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Lightship: Teaming with IBM to transform emergency response processes

Lightship leverages IBM technology to build a field operations platform that helps organizations navigate their data to find the information that will help them make better and safer decisions. …

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MAX Weather Icon Set

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MAX Weather Icon Set HD-J

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MAX Weather Icon Set HD-I

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MAX Weather Icon Set HD-H

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