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클라우드 보안 대응 전략 7 - 크리덴셜 스터핑 방지

최근 증가하는 크리덴셜스터핑 공격과 계정 도용 사고에 대해 기업은 어떻게 보안을 강화해야 할까요? 비밀번호를 바꾸고 이중, 삼중 보안을 하면 안전해지지만 불편함이 증가할수록 고객은 떠나갑니다. 최근 증가하는 마스크 사재기 사례를 통해 크리덴셜 스터핑과 이를 막기 위해 고객 경험을 방해하지 않고 보안을 강화할 수 있는 방법에 대해 알아봅니다.

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Digital Identity Trust with IBM Security Trusteer

Regardless of your industry, delivering a frictionless customer experience across channels is key to digital growth, innovation and increased competitiveness. When consumers are required to perform…

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Santander Bank expands digital customer protection using IBM Trusteer

Oscar Flores, of Santander Bank Mexico, tells how IBM Trusteer is helping identify and manage fraud risk for their digital banking customers including through behavioral biometrics and expansion to…

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DB Systel: Leveraging Blockchain to create a seamless transportation experience

DB Systel, in the pursuit of enhancing user experience and bridging gaps in mobility services, synergized with IBM to create a Blockchain platform. This platform provides a seamless experience for…

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Banco Santander Mexico: Embracing Cybersecurity to stay a step ahead of fraudsters

Banco Santander Mexico deploys a state-of-the-art security tool using IBM Trusteer solutions to quickly identify and stop fraudulent logins and transactions, without interfering unnecessarily with…

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