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Unlock IT cost savings with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

As the world changes, we're changing with you. Learn how IBM Cloud Pak for Data, our unified data and AI platform helps cut costs and improve your ROI in your data strategy. From infrastructure…

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IBM Cloud Paks 说明

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IBM Cloud Pak for Data Explainer: Modernize how your business works with data & AI

In today’s data-first world, your business needs a data platform that builds and scales with AI to help you simplify and automate how your business turns data into insights. Watch the video to…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Applications:构建和运行微服务

参考资源:IBM Cloud Pak for Applications:构建和运行微服务在本视频中,技术架构师 Chris Bailey 解释了 IBM Cloud Pak for Applications 如何提供端到端的开发人员工具和工作流,以加速基于标准的微服务开发。

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Energinet: Harnessing renewable energy using AI

To meet the Danish mandate to generate 100% of its energy from renewables by 2030, transmission system operator Energinet wanted to harness the power of AI to help it better manage the grid and…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Automation في دقيقة واحدة

يُقدّم IBM Cloud Pak for Automation مجموعة مُدمجة مسبقًا من البرامج؛ لتتمكن من تصميم تطبيقات الأتمتة الذكية، وإنشائها، وتشغيلها في وقت قياسي.

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iKure delivers healthcare beyond boundaries

iKure, an award-winning, technology-driven social enterprise leverages IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Watson AI to facilitate the development and deployment of a predictive model for cardiac care. Read…

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利用 Kabanero 进行容器化应用程序开发和部署

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