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IBM Cloud for Insurance

IBM offers an approach for data & apps in an insurance company with a proven method for moving data of record & engagement to either born on the cloud or new.

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How to execute large scale application modernization

Application modernization doesn’t happen with a wave of a magic wand. There are many factors to consider. Financial services institutions (FSIs) especially have operated for so long with…

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LinuxONE Financial Services

Live Webinar

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IBM Algo Workspace Analyzer

A demonstration of IBM Algo Workspace Analyzer, a rapidly deployed risk aggregation and reporting solution with interactive analysis to guide risk planning and accelerate overall implementation. To…

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ANZ Bank partners with a consortium to transform financial guarantees using IBM Blockchain

ANZ wanted to use the distributed ledger technology to digitize financial guarantees between landlords and tenants in commercial property leasing. Working in a consortium with Westpac bank, shopping…

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IBM Algo Stress Testing Workbench

A demonstration of IBM Algo Stress Testing Workbench which allows financial institutions to view different stress scenarios to better understand risk exposure For more information on IBM Financial…

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BR-AG leverages blockchain technology to help regulators function efficiently

BR – AG focuses on building trust in the financial services sector by helping organizations identify use cases where blockchain or other distributed ledger technology (DLT) solutions can…

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Helping Business Partners win in the marketplace with financing

Hear from Mike Dionisio, president of IBM Business Partner Questronix Corporation on how he uses IBM Global Financing as part of his sales strategy.

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Create an end to end asset lifecycle strategy with IBM Global Asset Recovery Services

Is your company struggling on how to manage old IT equipment and mobile devices? IBM Global Asset Recovery Services facilitates end of life and end of lease processes for all IT assets and mobile…

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CBI Globe expands the integration and efficiency of Italy’s payments market

Consorzio CBI partners with IBM to create the CBI API implementation guidelines, compliant with the PSD2, fundamental to develop the CBI Global Open Banking Ecosystem, or CBI Globe, a gateway to open…

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IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions makes cloud adoption fast and easy, allowing you to optimize the value of existing on-premises infrastructure, while confidently leveraging the same tools,…

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Finance Digital Transformation for the Cognitive Era

Discover the new business models driven by digital disruption and start your transformation with the IBM Design Thinking Workshop.

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Getting to a More Secure – SWIFT Secure Zone with IBM

Dr. Michael Maxwell, IBM, spoke at Sibos 2018 in Sydney about a SWIFT Messaging Interface in the IBM private cloud that can provide a more secure - SWIFT secure zone so initiatives such as…

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A Better Way to Deliver High Value Payments Faster

IBM combines effective processing and robust security to deliver SWIFT and other High Value Payments better.

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IBM and The Alexander Group Webinar: Sales Compensation - Project Simplify

Watch and learn how to reduce complexity of sales comp plan and successfully build a case for change to introduce it to the field sales org. Explore IBM Sales Performance Management

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