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Automate to better discover and engage a skilled and diverse workforce

IBM watsonx Orchestrate's skills simplify processes, automate tasks, and assist in recruiting by finding suitable candidates and streamlining connections. It integrates with ThisWay Global to…

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How to empower every remote and hybrid workforce with secured Desktop-as-a-Service

Enable your end users to work from anywhere, without sacrificing performance or protection. Explore the compelling value proposition brought forward by IBM Cloud, Dizzion and VMware Horizon.

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No mundo híbrido de hoje, o IAM é o centro das atenções

O vídeo de visão geral fornece uma explicação envolvente e detalhada do IBM Security Verify SaaS para resolver os casos de uso do consumidor e do trabalhador. Possui uma…

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IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson Overview Introduction

IBM Security MaaS360 with Watson is a unified endpoint management platform offered through IBM used to manage enterprise mobile devices, applications and content. Powered by artificial intelligence…

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The New Digital Workforce: Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Humans

From the back office to customer engagement, the future of work combines robotic process automation (RPA), AI and human resources to create an intelligent workforce. IBM experts share how automating…

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Plan for business resilience: Workforce planning breakout

Organizations are facing an unprecedented convergence of technological, social, regulatory, and competitive forces that challenge talent and workforce strategies. Learn about the the top three…

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EDF Energy invests in top talent to improve energy security for years to come

As competition heats up in the UK energy sector, powering a nation with clean, low-carbon energy is becoming much harder. To stay ahead in tough market conditions, EDF Energy worked with IBM Services…

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