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The Royal Bank of Scotland test drives the all-new IBM Control Center Director

Thousands of enterprises entrust their critical payloads to IBM Connect:Direct for secure and reliable point-to-point managed file transfer. But an ever-expanding number of endpoints and file…

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How to Adjust Quickly to Shake-ups in the Supply Chain_2.0

How can you more nimbly respond to shake-ups in the supply chain?

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Démo guidée d’IBM Secure File Transfer

Grâce à Secure File Transfer, vous pouvez dire au revoir à la complexité des licences et de l’intégration de plusieurs outils provenant de différents…

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IBM Secure File Transfer – geführte Demo

Mit Secure File Transfer können Sie sich von den Problemen bei der Lizenzierung und Integration mehrerer Tools von verschiedenen Anbietern verabschieden.

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Varejo e tecnologia: tendências e desafios

A transformação do varejo impacta o mercado mundial e os processos das organizações. Entenda melhor essas tendências e como a tecnologia pode trabalhar a favor dos…

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Déplacez des données à l’échelle et à la vitesse dont votre entreprise a besoin (avec IBM Secure File Transfer)

IBM Secure File Transfer vous aide à transférer des données en toute sécurité à l’échelle et à la vitesse dont votre entreprise a…

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Complete End-to-End Demonstration

There are two points that can be regarded as canon in the sales universe today; digital influences nearly every sale, regardless of channel, and gratifying customer experiences are compulsory. Watson…

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Verschieben Sie Daten in der Geschwindigkeit und Größe Ihres Unternehmens (mit IBM Secure File Transfer)

Mit IBM Secure File Transfer können Sie Daten in der Größe und Geschwindigkeit Ihres Unternehmens sicher verschieben.

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The AI and Blockchain Opportunity for Supply Chain

How do AI & blockchain provide value to supply chains? Listen to Shari Diaz, IBM, and Theresa Cetnarowski, Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, discuss the future of supply chain…

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Supere a complexidade das transações B2B com a IBM Supply Chain Business Network

Os ecossistemas de negócios envolvem milhares de transações. A necessidade de modernizar a cadeia de suprimentos e de liberar os recursos de TI para que se concentrem nos…

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The State of Order Management Systems and Commerce today

At the critical juncture where firms seek omnichannel coverage and forensic insights to inform strategy and sharpen execution, IBM commissioned IDG Connect to examine the state of the OMS and…

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Smarter Supply Chain

Learn how IBM is helping make supply chains smarter: AI-enabled solutions for supply chain professionals. Learn more about Smarter Supply Chain:…

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IBM’s Journey to the World’s First Cognitive Supply Chain

80% of data is dark and unstructured, posing major visibility blindness to business. Are you ready to shine a light on dark data? Learn how AI builds smarter supply chains:…

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IBM Order Management: The Perfect Order

Clients are demanding more flexible fulfillment, and standard order management platforms may not manage more complex delivery requests efficiently. IBM Order Management can personalize your…

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Deliver e-commerce profitably with an advanced AI solution_ Watson Order Optimizer

If you’re in a business that demands e-commerce omnichannel fulfillment, you know that complexity and costs are rising. Is your order management system keeping up? To manage more shipments,…

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Move Data at the Speed and Scale of Your Business [with IBM Secure File Transfer]

Discover how IBM Secure File Transfer drives out complexity and enables simple, secure and scalable file-based transactions that move data at the speed of business. See Secure File Transfer in…

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