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IBM Wazi; Running COBOL DBB Build Sessions with your VSI using IBM Wazi and VS Code

This video demonstrates how to use IBM Z Open Editor with scripts to utilize technology such as Ansible and Groovy to build and run within the editor.

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IBM Wazi as a Service; Managing an IBM Cloud Account

This video demonstrates how to manage an IBM Cloud account including creating access groups. This demonstration is based on the 2-14-22 Statement of Direction and is subject to change.

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Using IBM Wazi for Workspaces

IBM Wazi for Workspaces, an IDE option delivered by IBM Wazi, is a development environment that provides an in-browser IDE that you can use to code, build, test, debug, and run applications from any…

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IBM Wazi - Using the Sandbox

This video demonstrates how to use the IBM Wazi Sandbox and is part of the DevOps Acceleration Program's IBM Wazi Course.

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IBM Wazi Developer for VS Code - Editing with IBM Z Open Editor

IBM Z® Open Editor is an extension for VS Code that is available for free in the VS Code marketplace and has already been used and tested by over thirty thousand people. It supports COBOL, PL/I,…

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DATEV Client Innovation - Modern COBOL, business agility everywhere!

Business agility is everywhere. But is it also possible with this 60 year old language? Yes it is! Let me show you what really could be done. Starting with exploiting all of the performance…

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Introducing IBM Developer for z/OS, version 15

This video is an overview of IBM® Developer for z/OS®, version 15. IBM Developer for z/OS is an integrated development tool that you can use to design, develop, deploy, and test mainframe…

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IBM Z End To End DevOps Demo

In this demo, you will see how you can use CI/CD practices, common tools, modern SCM’s and parallel development to bridge the gap between mainframe development and other platforms.

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z/OS Visual Debugger

Visual Debug is an integration between the IBM Developer for z/OS Debugger and the Program Control Flow view. It provides a graphical view of the COBOL and PL/1 program execution flow to help…

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IBM Debug for z/OS

The IBM Debug for z/OS is a powerful debugger that provides debug and code coverage for z/OS applications developed using COBOL, PL/1, C/C++, and assembler. It supports debugging of applications…

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IBM Z Open Debug

This video introduces the IBM Z Open Debug component that ships with multiple products, including IBM ADFz, IDz EE and IBM Wazi for Red Hat Code Ready Workspaces. It includes a brief demonstration…

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Welcome to IBM Developer for z/OS; version 15

IBM® Developer for z/OS® is a modern, robust toolset for developing and maintaining z/OS applications through the use of DevOps practices. IBM Developer for z/OS offers COBOL,…

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DevOps Explained

Andrea Crawford explains what DevOps is, it's value proposition, and how DevOps practices and tools help you move your apps through the entire software delivery pipeline from ideation through…

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