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z/OSMF enhancements on data set file comparison and copy rename utilities

z/OSMF now has the capability to perform more data set and Unix file operations directly from the z/OSMF desktop. This includes 1. Support to launch a comparison view for two text-based data sources,…

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Three (no, SIX!) facts about z/OS UNIX

z/OS UNIX brings together the open world and the z/OS world on IBM Z. In this video IBM Garage for Systems specialists Makenzie Manna and Martin Keen share their top facts about the benefits of…

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IBM Power Systems Myths_ AIX is dead and UNIX isn't relevant in today's market

IBM Lab Services expert Skip Garvin continues a video series dispelling the top IBM Power Systems myths. In this video, he addresses the myth that AIX is dead and UNIX isn't relevant in…

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