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Put security everywhere, so you can put trust everywhere

Trust is the currency of business and the fuel of innovation. Building trust means infusing security into every service, operation and transaction, every time. Watch the full session at…

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Modernizing Hybrid Cloud Management

Robin Hernandez explains what you need to look at in your IT operations to ensure that you are managing your costs and resources effectively in today's environment. Everything from how the…

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Think 2020: Eileen Lowry [Audiogram]

"For better or for worse there is a proliferation of information in this digital world. And there is too much for knowledge worker to actually consume and act on in its raw form. And in fact,…

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Think 2020: Dr. Rania Khalaf [Audiogram]

"Let's take a look at this notion of a hybrid workforce. Historically, automation brought standardization and division of labor for how the humans and machines work together. As these…

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Think 2020: Harley Davis [Audiogram]

When we look at how to apply automation to the the challenges that we're facing today, we really look at it as as a ladder. The first part of that latter, that continuum, is what we call…

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Think 2020: Dominque Dubois [Audiogram] 1

Intelligent workflows fundamentally reinvent how we get work done across every function of our operations. It requires the infusion of exponential technologies at scale, orchestrated by proprietary…

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Tom Ivory [Audiogram]

"In order to progress at the pace that we want we see three imperatives that need to take place. One, create alignment. Look at what automations will have the biggest impact. Two, execute at…

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Think 2020: Tom Ivory [Audiogram]

"Essentials leverages the opportunity to create a hub and a control tower leveraging best-of-breed technologies from IBM software and our open partner ecosystem in order to drive pervasive…

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Think 2020: Michael Gilfix [Audiogram]

"Once you've digitized what you do, there's a tremendous opportunity to leverage AI and what does that really mean? Well it means leveraging the data from your operations to improve…

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Think 2020: Ed Lynch [Audiogram] 2

"This portfolio delivers the capability to digitize your business operations, it allows you to visualize what's happening, it allows you to provide recommendations for business managers and…

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Think 2020: Ed Lynch [Audiogram]

"The software portfolio is enterprise software for automating business operations. With automation, you can drive efficiency, effectiveness, traceability, clarity, and compliance into your…

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IBM Cloud for Financial Services

Time stamp: :31-1:12 - see attached mp4 video file See attached 'Quote transcript' doc (ensure the text that is striked-out is edited out of video)

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Cloud and AI Engine

IBM and Red Hat have the technology and expertise to help make the complex simple – and digital transformation faster – to unlock the full potential of cloud and AI for your business.…

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Think 2020 60 sec light

Think 2020 60 sec Gray

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