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Green Screen Modernization - Not just another story, but the start of a journey

Let’s go through a story that showcases how HATS enabled the organizations to board from an Old School green screen interface to a Highly optimized, efficient, web-based application interface…

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Creating and editing server macros with HACP EE

This video will show you how to create a server macro for Host Access Client Package Extended Edition (HACP EE). Server macro libraries allow you to create and maintain a central repository of macros…

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AIX MustGather Video: System Performance - Conditional data collection triggers

"AIX System Performance Support requires the person opening the case have some insight into the issue being reported. Gathering information before calling IBM support could shorten the time it…

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IBM Storage Virtualize 8.6 GUI, including Volume Group Snapshots (with Safeguarded Copy) and Policy Based Replication

This video is a demonstration of features and functions of the Spectrum Virtualize 8.6 GUI (Graphical User Interface), including Volume Group Snapshots (with Safeguarded Copy) and Policy Based…

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Using the Screen History Function of IBM i Access Client Solutions

This video demonstrates how to use the Screen History function of the ACS Client.

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