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IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Center 8.1.12 – Exchange and SQL Retention Sets – Demo

This demo shows how you can use the Operations Center to create retention rules for Exchange or SQL backups, or how you can add Exchange and SQL backups to existing retention rules. It also shows you…

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IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1.12 - Use Operations Center to delete nodes from Retention Sets

This demo shows how in the Spectrum Protect operations center you can now delete nodes from an existing retention set. The data goes into: Clients / More / Delete from Retention Set, and then is…

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IBM Spectrum Protect 8.1.13 Retention Sets to Cloud - Demo

Retention sets can be written out to IBM Cloud archive or accelerated archive storage. This demo shows how to use the command line to configure Spectrum Protect with IBM Cloud accelerated archive…

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A leading Asia Pacific Bank: Unlocking a greater customer experience with Master Data Management

Master Data Management Strategist, Thomas Lucey, illustrates the challenges associated with client retention in the Australian banking industry and data solutions to improve customer satisfaction.

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TalkTalk - creating loyalty with IBM infrastructure

TalkTalk transforms the customer experience by utilizing analytics to create a unique "best offer" for each customer, thus aiding retention. The TalkTalk cloud infrastructure utilizes IBM…

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