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Unit 3, Section 3: IMS Message Queuing and Conversational Program Processing

This video provides an overview of the message Queue Manager and covers how conversational program processing works.

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z/TPF Internship: Business Events

An educational overview of business events on z/TPF.

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How to Find Your Spooled Files

Where did my spooled file go? In this video Kurt Schroeder shows you how to find which output queue or printer your spooled file was sent to based on your printer file, job description, and more. If…

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Recommended Remote Printer Queue Values

So setup a Remote Output Queue (RMTOUTQ), you need to know the right Remote Printer Queue (RMTPRTQ) value, which is based on the printer server. This video shows you how to determine the right…

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Creating a Remote Output Queue

In this video Kurt Schroeder shows how to configure a Remote Output Queue. This required you to know the printer model type (so that you can pick the right transform setting), print server (so you…

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