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Why Move to Cloud

Identify opportunities to leverage the benefits of cloud to achieve your business objectives, even for SAP platforms.

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A nuvem pública mais aberta e segura - LA - BR-PT

Como você constrói uma nuvem pública mais aberta e segura para os negócios? Não deixando de permitir que os clientes acessem a nuvem pública aberta de…

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SBI partners with IBM to accelerate digital transformation through YONO

A new normal for financial services is resulting in banks embracing the continual reinvention of their business models and platforms. State Bank of India (SBI) partnered with IBM to envision and…

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IBM and Cemex co-created a workflow to transform the cement manufacturer's digital business operations in order to deliver a fully integrated and streamlined customer experience.

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Digital identity management: How much of your personal information do you control?

As an individual, you identify yourself in many ways. Your name, address, age, profession and more. Think of all the ways you identify yourself; just how much of your personal identifiable…

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