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[3세대 APM 솔루션 맛보기] 스마트하게 이상징후 경고를 설정 할 수 있어요! : Advanced Mode 편

Instana Smart Alert 의 Simple mode는 alert 설정에 대한 이해가 전혀 없으신 분들에게 최적화된 프로세스이지만 Advanced mode는 좀더 세분화된 설정을하시고자 하는 분들에게 제공되는 기능입니다. Threshold, Time Threshold,Alert Channel, 메세지 포맷 등 Smart alert 설정의 상세한…


[3세대 APM 솔루션 맛보기] 스마트하게 이상징후 경고를 설정 할 수 있어요! : Simple Mode 편

Alert을 설정하는 작업은 쉽지 않은 일입니다. KPI를 선정하는 것부터 임계값 설정까지 찾아가는 과정과 Best Practice가 무엇인지 많은 경험을 통해서만 가능합니다. Instana에서 제공되는 Smart Alert은 이러한 문제점을 인지하고 보다 쉽고직관적인 Alert 설정 프로세스를 생성하게 되는데요 그게 Smart Alert…


IBM SPSS Statistics 28 Relationship Map

This video demonstrates the new Relationship Map added to the IBM SPSS Statistics 28. Learn more about SPSS Statistics. Take the 30-day no-cost trial.

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IBM SPSS Statistics 28 Workbook

This video introduces a new feature called "The Workbook" in IBM SPSS Statistics, version 28.

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Four Things You Probably Don’t Know That TDMF (Transparent Data Migration Facility) 04062021

Listen to this session to learn to learn about TDMF! IBM TDMF (Transparent Data Migration Facility) does much more than just migrate your mainframe data to new storage technology. What if you…

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IBM Cloud Object Storage Level 201 Plus 02182021

Join us for a closer look at the IBM Cloud Object Storage System with emphasis on the new storage engine and the latest feature updates. This session goes deep into how IBM COS works. The topics…

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Hyper Swap Demo

This video demonstrates DS8000 Metro Mirror with HyperSwap enabled using Copy Services Manager. Metro Mirror with HyperSwap is a high availability solution which enables applications to continue to…

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Nouvelle Mode

Va-t-on vers un modèle plus responsable ? Découvrez comment l'intelligence artificielle et les nouvelles technologies ouvrent la voie à une mode plus éthique…

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