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オーストリアの製造会社 ANDRITZ社が、IBM Securityと提携し、IBM QRadar on Cloud と IBMマネージド・セキュリティー・サービスを利用して、設備やシステム、そして従業員と顧客をサイバーセキュリティーの脅威からどのように守っているかご覧ください。 IBM Securityについての詳細 :

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IBM Security Managed Detection & Response Services - MDR offer a unified digital experience

Security teams need on-demand situational awareness and IBM Security Managed Detection & Response Services is a strong solution. This video is one in a series of videos.

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Behind the Shield with ANDRITZ: Protecting industry plants, equipment, systems, and people

Hear the story of how ANDRITZ, a manufacturing company in Austria, partners with IBM Security to use IBM QRadar on Cloud and IBM Managed Security Services to protect its equipment, systems, and…

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Gerdau + IBM

A Gerdau com a IBM investiu recentemente na modernização da nuvem, com a IBM gerenciando todo o ambiente híbrido e multi-nuvem da empresa.

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Mainframe as a service from the cloud supports Arizonans in need

A social services agency in the US improves support for the needy, accelerates application modernization and frees IT personnel for more strategic work when it engages IBM Global Technology Services…

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Japan Airlines: Lograr la transformación a través de la nube con IBM

El Grupo JAL, la empresa matriz de Japan Airlines, tiene una visión: servir como la aerolínea más preferida y valorada del mundo. Para lograr un entorno de TI flexible que…

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Japan Airlines: Alcançando a transformação por meio da nuvem com a IBM

O JAL Group, empresa controladora da Japan Airlines, tem uma visão: servir como a companhia aérea mais preferida e valorizada do mundo. Para obter um ambiente de TI flexível que…

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Uma história sobre os serviços de automação @Ansible - Parte 3

Neste terceiro e último episódio, destacamos os benefícios que o Automation Services @Ansible pode trazer para o seu data center. Aprenda como conseguir uma redução…

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Uma história sobre os serviços de automação @Ansible - Parte 2

Este é o segundo episódio de uma série com três. Nessa segunda parte da história, podemos entender como é um data center ordenado graças à…

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Uma história sobre os serviços de automação @Ansible - Parte 1

Este é o primeiro episódio de uma série com três. Nessa primeira parte da história, acompanharemos um pouco da rotina nos data centers do Marcelo e do Carlos. De um…

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Managed Services for SAP Applications

Are your business systems holding you back? Harness the full power of your core business applications when you utilize IBM's Managed Services for SAP Applications.

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Meet Winston, your digital coworker and expert on payroll validation

Learn how Winston II can put his expertise to work by streamlining payroll process - saving your organization time and money.

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Meet our HR digital workers - hire and transfer faster

Each digital worker has their own HR speciality and can handle common, manual tasks, giving your employees time back for other jobs.

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Meet HR letter creation bot, your new digital co-worker

This HR letter creation bot can process a range of HR letters, including termination letters, overpayment letters and offer letters. This can save over 90% of the time usually spent when creating HR…

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IBM Services: Managed SAP on Azure

Brief video outlining benefits of using IBM Services to run SAP on Azure

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Client Benefits of IBM Services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Organizations across industries and business domains are unlocking the value of moving Oracle enterprise application workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. IBM Services (logo) has helped clients…

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