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Instana: Incident Remediation

AI-powered, intelligent incident remediation allows you to catch issues before they impact your customers. Automating incident remediation frees up valuable DevOps, SRE and Developer resources,…

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AIOps Insights: Unlock end-to-end IT Visibility

Dive into the future of IT management with our latest demo video! Discover how IBM AIOps Insights is transforming event management & incident resolution by providing end-to-end IT visibility like…

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AIOps on IBM Z Detect: Incident identification

In this video we will highlight how the AIOps for IBM Z framework can help you apply incident identification solutions to monitor hybrid infrastructure and applications to detect issues and…

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Architecture of IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics

This video introduces how different components of ZLDA work together to visualize the once inaccessible mainframe data through flexible data collection, streaming, and analytics.

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La gestión de incidencias no tiene por qué ser un dolor de cabeza

IBM ayuda a aprovechar el poder de la IA y a automatizar procesos laboriosos, a conseguir una resolución proactiva de incidencias y a adoptar un modelo integrado de DevSecOps. Vea la…

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O gerenciamento de incidentes não precisa ser trabalhoso

A IBM ajuda você a aproveitar o poder da IA para automatizar processos trabalhosos, resolver incidentes de forma proativa e adotar um modelo de DevSecOps integrado.Assista à…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps Insights Dashboard

Understand the business context and impact of an IT incident with the all new IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps Insights Dashboard

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QRadar SOAR Playbook Designer 101 Demo

QRadar SOAR's Playbook Designer empowers SOC analysts to respond with confidence. Leveraging a modern canvas to easily build and manage automation, teams can utilize dynamic playbooks with…

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Vorfallmanagement muss keine Kopfschmerzen bereiten

IBM unterstützt Sie dabei, die Leistung von KI zu nutzen und arbeitsintensive Prozesse zu automatisieren, eine proaktive Vorfallbehebung zu erreichen und ein integriertes DevSecOps-Modell…

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La gestion des incidents ne doit pas être un casse-tête

IBM vous aide à optimiser la puissance de l'intelligence artificielle et à automatiser les processus exigeants en main-d’œuvre, à résoudre les incidents…

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La gestione degli incidenti non deve essere problematica

IBM ti aiuta a fare affidamento sulla potenza dell'AI e ad automatizzare i processi complessi, risolvere gli incidenti in modo proattivo e implementare un modello DevSecOps integrato. Guarda…

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IBM Cloud Pak para Watson AIOps optimiza las operaciones de TI y la gestión de incidentes

En esta demo técnica, observe cómo la inteligencia artificial y la automatización ayudan a los gerentes de ITOps y los SRE a abordar los casos de uso clave en la gestión y…

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La gestión de incidentes no tiene por qué ser un dolor de cabeza

IBM lo ayuda a aprovechar el poder de la inteligencia artificial y automatizar los procesos que requieren gran cantidad de mano de obra, lograr una resolución proactiva de incidentes y adoptar…

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z/OS Diagnostic Data: Common Issues You Can Avoid

In this video John Shebey shows how to avoid common IBM Z data collection issues.

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Incident Management Doesn’t Have to Be a Headache

IBM helps you leverage the power of AI and automate labor-intensive processes, achieve proactive incident resolution, and embrace an integrated DevSecOps model. Watch the demo:…

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